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BPB #15 and #18 Strategery

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Mon, Sep 7 2009 11:15 AM by rustynipples. 26 replies.
  • Lysti United States
    323 Posts
    Fri, Jul 10 2009 8:36 PM

    Yes I do par it sometimes using that technique but only on my good rounds I do not -as Lee says execute it properly  =O  then I start calling it every name in the book (holding myself back)  =)


  • Lysti United States
    323 Posts
    Sat, Jul 11 2009 6:33 AM

    Parred it today using my 9 iron 115 yd from 100 yds away & same direction up left top spin came within 9 inches..the other day I did the other strategy & flopped it  from the rough on the left for 5 inches. 

  • ToughCool United States
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    Mon, Jul 13 2009 7:36 AM

    I should have parred 15 from 4 feet but it somehow hit the hole and lipped out just earlier today. But the cool part was I laid up to about 69 yards and used the 100 wedge about 80%...the weird part about it is that I hit it left but it hit the green, curved back toward the center and then rolled back down to the hole..hadn't seen that yet.

  • pinkgirl34 Canada
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    Tue, Jul 14 2009 7:36 PM

    For 15, I would go for the green, even though I would land short in the rough, which leaves a fairly short pitch to the green. It's the only strategy in which I could make par on 15 on.

    For 18, I would play safe and land left of the bunker to guarantee a par. Once I actually made a 25-footer there for birdie.

  • cjfelton United States
    79 Posts
    Tue, Jul 28 2009 3:34 PM

    I found an excellent way to keep the ball on the green at #18 - put your approach shot in the hole!  Full PW from 94 yards with BS, the ball hit the mound of rough between the two fingers of the right-side trap, kicked left and rolled into the cup.  I'd love to tell you it was planned and I could do it again, but I'm not that good yet!  If you want to see my lone eagle for yourself, cut and paste the link below, then try that shot yourself.  Very Tiger-like!{%20%22GUID%22%20%3A%20%22d2a7b214-0c0f-4ab8-8b2e-9c440078c410%22%2C%20%22Brand%22%20%3A%20%22undefined%22%20}


  • DightonBlue United States
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    Tue, Jul 28 2009 4:24 PM

    Thanks for the help, Ico and Lee.  The video Ico posted of a birdie on #15 was especially helpful.  I just practiced that hold a couple of times and I think I should have a reasonably good shot at par from here on.

  • dorkfeatures Australia
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    Tue, Jul 28 2009 9:56 PM


    Here my read on the two holes.

    #15 - as a couple of players have mentioned, if in a good position - I would go for it with your second shot. You need to give your shot backspin to get it up in the air. I seem to end up just short on the front left side. From there with practice you should up and down without to much trouble. If you have a tail win you should be able to put the ball on the green, try and land it in the front fringe and release onto the green.

    #18. To get your second shot to stop on the green, try to land it on the up slope on the front right hand side of the green over the right hand trap (on the narrow entrance to the green). It will then release up to the middle of the green around maybe 10 yards away. Or - go straight for the pin and land it over the trap in the rough or fringe - thats a bit more difficult, you need real precision either way.

    Cheers Doug

  • donsprintr United States
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    Wed, Jul 29 2009 5:04 PM

    #15 ... Both stratagies work sometimes , other times not .... depends on your chip/pitch and/or putt afterwords ... 

    #18 ... From the pro tees i usually end up anywhere from 95 to 130 yds. out depending on wind ... despite its elevation it only plays from 2 to 5 yds. short at those distances ... with a wind from the left it is simple to get your approach close to the pin ... i've put it inside 3 feet more than once from about 98 yds. with a wedge hit 100 with full bs ...

    Appreciate the tips guys ...

    I meant it plays 2 to 5 long ... sorry ...

  • dmkhorns United States
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    Thu, Jul 30 2009 9:07 AM

    On 15, I have a different strategy.  I like to go for the green if I'm less than 175 in.  I'll aim left in between the bunkers, play a club for an extra 30 yds or so (e.g., hit a 3 iron rated at 190 for a 160 shot) and use full topspin.  Most times I'll end up in the rough short and I've found that to be an easier up and down with a pitch than a two-putt from the back of the green.  Sometimes, though, the topspin will get a bounce out of the rough and get up into the bowl.  Tough hole, but that's been my highest return strategy.

  • looploop71 United States
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    Fri, Jul 31 2009 8:10 PM

    On 15, not a strategy that I would use for consistant scoring, but I did get a BIRDIE on 15 by hitting 3wood (215yrds)  from 175 yards out with almost full back spin. Make sure to aim to the rough on the LEFT side of the green. On this particular shot, the ball hit the rough in front of the green and then bounced on to the green and did a wicked u-turn down the slope. Ended up tapping in for BIRDIE!

    Of course my average score on 15 is probably around 4.5 but this one shot made my day. Only regret is that I forgot to save it!