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different putters(30ft/60ft/150ft)

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Fri, Oct 31 2008 8:24 AM by glhadiator. 22 replies.
  • NathanPower Canada
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    Thu, Oct 16 2008 1:26 PM

     I would have to disagree with the last post.  You should not get a "perfect shot" every time... because putting, just like any other swing, is highly dependant on proper swing plane.  If your clubhead is not square or your swing path is not straight... you will not hit a straight putt!

  • PeteBolte United States
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    Thu, Oct 16 2008 3:05 PM

     I disagree.  Pros have only one putter regardless of length.  WGT give you that putter and based on the distance from the pin, gives you a max length.  It's up to you to decide how hard you're gonn hit it. 

    With your putt I would have it it about 15' or less strength.  Downhill 12" is FAST!  Lol!

    15' would be about 1/4 of the 60 ft. max distance.  I like WGT's putting very much.  It's pretty much true to life.  You have to gauge the break, the speed, and this distance.  I'm getting better!  But I'm still not satisfied with my putting.




  • MERACE United States
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    Fri, Oct 17 2008 2:05 PM

     I agree with the above poster. 

    Putting should  be hard as it is IRL.  When you dumb down the putting with different putting power club settings it becomes way too easy in a video game (like it is in the TW console games). 



  • JRM1 United States
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    Sat, Oct 18 2008 7:10 PM

     I understand the real life aspect but on several occasions I've been given a 60ft putter for a 28ft put that's downhill 8 inches.  Conversly I've gotten the 30ft putter for 26 ft uphill putts where I'd have no chance of reaching the hole ith only a 30ft putter. 

    Now I just chip from on the green hen I don't like the putter I'm assigned since ther are so many yardage choices in the chip and pitch club selections.

  • Fuzzygazz United States
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    Mon, Oct 20 2008 1:07 PM

     I see people posting scores of 7 & 6 under par so the putting seems to be working for them. Please! dont make it like TW golf as someone mentioned before. The greens are your main defenses. Just keep the putting consistent. It seems now you read the putt with the grid and choose your distance and break..bam!  Does the speed of your putt effect the amount of break also? Recently is seems my putts that are at 0 elevation are falling short. Do you guys cut the greens everyday?  I still cant figure out the pitching wedge yet let alone putting. GL all..

  • iconian United States
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    Mon, Oct 20 2008 1:12 PM

     pete bolte: let me ask you this:


    you have 26 ft putt and it rises 7inches, like every putt on #5 thats left and short, what do you do?


    fuzzy, those rounds are daily occurnece for 1 reason: we played enough to adjust to find out where to hit. ie: stay on right side on #6 and 8, and so fourth

    giving up putter choices will NOT help up put, i am not asking fopr 5ft putter. i am simply asking that if we have 50ft putt, we are allowed to use 60ft putter instead of 150ft putter

  • PeteBolte United States
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    Mon, Oct 20 2008 2:26 PM

     Hi Iconian.  I'll reply this way.  I've never come across a putt as you describe.  What hole were you on and what'd you shoot for your 1st and 2nd shot and I'll try to duplicate it.  It's never happened to me! 

    If that's the case with you, report it as a bug ('cause it is).  Are you on the green when you're putting or putting from the fringe or the rough/fairway?

    Based on your situation as described and assuming you're on the green, I understand your frustration but I've NEVER had the type of putt you describe and they've always given me enough distance to hang myself. Lol! 

    I figure I'm still here as a beta tester so I'll try to duplicate what you do and see if I get the same thing.  Please let me know.  I just want to help.

    But I remain adamant that if one is on the green, you get only one putter.  I suspect your situation is unique but I certainly don't blame you for wanting to use a putter if that's your club of choice for that particular shot. 

    Regards, Pete

  • iconian United States
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    Mon, Oct 20 2008 2:31 PM


    my situation i would say is not unique, the placement on the green is:

    try the following:

    hit all the way left on green 1, to about 17-18 yards off ull have 51-54ft with 150 putter

    try this on 5: hit way left, u will have 24-27 ft in that range and 5-7inches up. i simply hit my MAX shot and it was 2 ft short. obviously if i pitch from green i'll make it but like u said...


    also, on hole 9, hit all the way back, u can have 50ft and have 150ft putter again

    u are right, anything inside 15ft=1 putter, same for 30ft but whn it comes to LONGER distances, it's simply HARD to estimate on the target putter line


    short of using a rule and make marks on the monitor....

  • PeteBolte United States
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    Mon, Oct 20 2008 3:41 PM

     Hi bro.

    OK...since we can't practice a single hole I played a round.  Got to #5 and I don't understand how you can be so far from hole!  It's a 171 yard par 3 but it's NOT 171 yards where the pin is.  It's 158 yds downhill 1ft. 

    So I hit a full 6 iron (drop a club to max 150 yds) with full backspin.  I've never seen any other wind but from the right and then it's max 4 mph.  If it's 4 from the right I aim straight right, same distance assuming a wind 90 degrees from the right which actually put my aim in the rough to the right of the hole.

    This round I hit a 'perfect' shot with 4 mph from the right, aimed correctly and ended up 7 yds to the left.  This is a bug I think.  Sometimes WGT's aim is off.  Not mine, theirs.  'Sok.  It's beta.  By 'perfect' I mean I hit the centerline exactly dead center on my swing so by my calc the ball should have ended within 2 yds or less of the cup. By WGT's calc I was 7 yds to the left which pissed me off but it was a makeable putt.

    Putter was 30 foot max and if I remember, downhill right.  I parred the hole which from 7 yds out was my goal.  I figure if I get my 1st putt within 3' for a long birdie putt I'll par so for me distance and speed is the key.  If I get a birdie on a long putt, I'm ecstatic and lucky.  Just like a real golfer!

    This brings me to 2 points.

    1. I LIKE WGT's putting. I have no quarrel with it to date. If anything I question your club selection and shot to end up with what you have left.  What you describe to me unbelievable.

    2. In my opinion you do NOT need any additional putters.  WGT provides you with MAX length.  If that length isn't enough, tell WGT and tell them why.  If you want to try to hit a 30' putt 12" below the hole and don't have enough length, then complain to WGT and that INCLUDES if you're off the green.  You want to hit a putter instead of chipping?  It's no skin off my nose.  If you're that far away I'll win the hole anyway!  LOL!

    WGTAdmin:  Please read Iconian's complaint seriously.  At the very least you have to give the player the opportunity to make the shot, dubious though it might be. But you DON'T have to make it easy for them.  Make it hard!  But make it possible.  That's all any player can ask.  What you might consider impossible, players feel differently so give 'em the chance.  That's all I ask for is a chance.  After that it's up to me.

    Best regards,


  • JRM1 United States
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    Tue, Oct 21 2008 9:41 PM

     Hole # 5 is ctually 151 from the hack tee.  And yes I have noticed that it tends to go a little more left on that hole then expected on that hole.  I think there are a couple spots in the game where the randomizer so to speak moves the direction of the ball as a result of general error in golf. I'm fine with that because that is real life and I just try and make a mental note of it and adjust next time.