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Force people to tee off after 5 mins

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Fri, Nov 7 2008 6:50 PM by PeteBolte. 2 replies.
  • IvanWackinov United States
    9 Posts
    Fri, Nov 7 2008 2:26 PM

    Some people have a really annoying habit of starting a multiplayer game and then never starting the game!  The worst part is, I know there are other people hosting games, but if I hit "search again" I keep getting the same game over and over again, and the person will never start playing!

    Can you make the multiplayer games auto-start or time out after 3-5 minutes?  These players are just causing grief for the rest of us.



  • Jalbertz United Kingdom
    15 Posts
    Fri, Nov 7 2008 4:12 PM


    I agree  - they never ever start and don't extend the courtesy of a reply when prompted.

  • PeteBolte United States
    172 Posts
    Fri, Nov 7 2008 6:50 PM

     Yeah.  What they said.