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Tracking down disconnects/crashes

Mon, Sep 9 2019 6:20 PM by pdb1. 431 replies.
  • Kristoff181 United States
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    Sun, Sep 8 2019 3:37 PM

    Sorry that sounded obnoxious without context... 

    I'm Semi retired and was basically off for months.  Since I've only been playing 5 months I played a lot of rounds to hit legend that fast.  Lots of Level ups = lots of new clubs.  Plus playing alot = lots of new balls.  It's tapered off now but was my only hobby over the summer when its too hot in GA to play outside. 

    I played an embarrassing amount of time and the way I saw it I saved $100s on green fees so money well spent if i was having fun


  • pdb1 United States
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    Mon, Sep 9 2019 6:20 PM

    I'm stuck with the yellow check "you're a quitter"

      No one thinks that . Anyone who you would care about , or who cares about you . Have gone through the same thing . Likely many times . With the disconnects or the WD's not initiated by yourself or their self . You now have to make up the remainder of the 100 complete rounds to be green again .

    still nothing nothing from wgt....though apparently some of the champs I regularly play with from my club have also emailed WGT on my behalf.  Much appreciated but WGT did not respond to them either.

      They aren't going to say much about this . It is too common .


    I'd avg blowing $50-150/week on since joining. 

    Holy Crap.... seriously?



      Don you know better . Don't sound so surprised . There are 10's of thousands of WGTer's that spend that regularly . Some much more than that . I know I did . Would spend that much on 1 CLASH day . Every CLASH day . For 4 years .