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I have made friends w/ a group of people

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Sun, Jun 8 2014 3:05 AM by esssy. 13 replies.
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  • JFidanza United States
    1,674 Posts
    Sat, May 24 2014 10:41 PM

    They are called : My power meter.

    My power meter has a few personalities, and knowing which one I'm dealing with on each shot has been a key to successful golfing in my experience:

     A) 'Norman'; the normal, smooth motion.

    B) 'Bum Rush'; the I'm going to start fast & fly past ding before you even react.

    C) 'Psyche'; I'll start fast & sometimes flicker but I'll slow down as you panic and hook it - too soon.

    D) 'Dr. Jekyll'; I'll start quick but slow a little so you might hook it  but if you don't I'll fly past ding as quick as a hobo on a ham sandwich! 

     E) 'Denied'; all seems normal as you click on 'hook' or ding but I'll slide past ding in the blink of an eye to slice the ball.


    When I don't like how the power bar starts out I will not click to swing, and the meter will simply pass and I can try again.

    I see 'Norman' almost always on the 1st swing of the game. If you see him also, tell him I said 'Hi".

    I usually see 'Denied' around the final holes of the game, many times during a blitz or any other multi player game, esp. when you are several strokes under par. I usually mumble his name as the shot I thought was easily nailed slices into the far right fairway, into the rough or worse.

  • alosso Germany
    19,841 Posts
    Sat, May 24 2014 11:59 PM


    One of the skills necessary in the game is to know when NOT to click ;)

    May I introduce to you a new friend? Welcome Mr. CPU-Meter.

    His usual residence is in the task manager's house but he also comes in fancy dresses from download sites. He can help you with some of these "friends". Here, a load of 30 % and more is likely to set up the music for Ms. Psyche's veil dance, while 10% load rather keep her in inactive trance - be patient!

    Same may apply to the ugly guys in her company, while Mr. Norman likes the calm low-load moments.

  • ScottHope United Kingdom
    6,747 Posts
    Sun, May 25 2014 2:29 AM

    Nice one JF, have you seen this gem from andyson?  Posted last year, hilarious.

  • courteneyfish Isle of Man
    15,796 Posts
    Sun, May 25 2014 2:56 AM
    I should introduce you to Max Thon. He's great.
  • WigerToods2010 United Kingdom
    7,987 Posts
    Sun, May 25 2014 4:51 AM

    I should introduce you to Max Thon. He's great.

    Jees Ms.F!!!    nah, I'm kidding. I actually allowed myself a wee smile at the above.....  grab a chair, quick. 


  • JFidanza United States
    1,674 Posts
    Sun, May 25 2014 11:48 AM

    Thanks Scott, funny thing.  :D


    And I want to mention that these are the normal dispositions of VEM*, in my observation.

    I'm aware of what a powerbar affected by a heavy CPU usage looks like and behaves like. (see my Twitch  channel video with power bar test and 100% CPU usage video demonstration when using Xsplit to stream my games, and see the 9 hole game w/ 2 eagles and a couple of birds, I can work with that)

    I also switched from IE to Chrome to Maxthon (pretty good) to C. Dragon now (my fav of all previous) because I need a smooth browser for WGT esp. when often playing at 100% while streaming on Twitch.

    Even with 7% or 4% CPU usage and no computer / flash etc issues you will see these different meters. That's why only Norman comes out on the 1st hole. Now this may not be the view of WGT or others but as a 'professional button pusher' in live TV for over a decade and a half I've become keen in discernment of these kinds of things. Plus, I cannot speak for others, and I won't.

    I may also add that during practice rounds you are less likely to see all of them. esp compared to a public tourney or multi tier multi player game.

    Now if someone were to assure me 'There is only one kind of meter that is produced by the game' (aka Norman) I would have to  LMAO because I am firmly aware that this is not the case, from my personal observation, again, speaking for myself.

    It is my belief that this 'is the way it is' and I want to be clear I'm cool with it because it makes you a better player, and it keeps the game enjoyable and unpredictable. (somewhat unpredictable, as I have learned to predict the different types of meter actions!)

    Now, you won't see me in the forums posting about meter 'problems' because thanks to WGT and it's members I've learned how to optimize my computer and flash, etc., plus understand the VEM & deviation programming, and remain humble with this complex and enjoyable game. 

    If you want easy and boring, go to my 1st post on my blog and download, for free, the Jack Nicklaus golf program and use DOSBox to run it.

    Oh Look, a birdie as I'm playing Jack Nicklaus Unlimited Golf and I wasn't even trying!


    From my research, this is inferred several times in the VEM technology:

    The VEM has an associated representation...such as through a graphical display means...For example, a virtual gun can have a graphical representation consisting of cross hairs..  In the case of an increased user skill level, for example, the VEM could add additional variables for controlling the virtual equipment that were not available at a lower skill level and change variables representing...sweet spots.

    Adapting the representation can include changing the virtual equipment appearance, the user interface...or combinations of these.

    For example.. the representation can be modified to provide an indication of such to the user.

    [emphasis mine]

    edit: In my opinion, this inclusion of an inconsistent meter is realistic & even necessary as it can also be effective in foiling any 'auto-dinger' cheat programs that require calibration to a non randomized power bar.


  • alexk345 Canada
    1,148 Posts
    Fri, Jun 6 2014 12:47 PM

    From what i see , WGT set a trap if you have nike , callaway ball.

    Wind will be like less than 10mph and cross wind at tee box. But it will be horizantal wind near hole.

    if water is left side  meter goes super slow near and before ding area and speed up after ding.

    In this case they want you to click before ding., they slow it than think you click at normal spot and boom you will click before ding 

    if water is right meter will goes full fast ensure what ever you click will be pther side of ding or way way before ding.

    Like this they have trap set for out of bounds and even bunkers. They are devious in water holes.

  • Premed Ireland
    776 Posts
    Fri, Jun 6 2014 2:55 PM

    Im still laughing at that JFidanza, mostly coz its just plain funny - but partially coz there is an uncanny ring of truth about your description of the meter action.

  • mantis0014 Australia
    8,912 Posts
    Fri, Jun 6 2014 4:00 PM

    I know your 'Hit Counter' works JF,  just went to your profile page 3

    As some of ya's know...  I have a new puter now.

    I can now play Multi player games again (yayyy), without having to let down the other people when I get booted.

    I haven't cleared my cache or deleted rubbish from Flash or run Gamebooster for 2 weeks. I just log on each day and start playing, compared to the rubbish I had to do before. I have a 99.9% perfect meter....  there is a slight glitch every now and again but that's expected.

    Then again, another glitch might be my stupid

    The only thing I had to do with the new puter... is the Browser, what I was using was no good anymore ...  I had to try quite a few different ones, so I can play the game....  Which Is Commodo Dragon.  Everybodies system is different...  until you come across something that works.

    The Game is getting too big now for some Puters to handle.  I know, Since getting my Puter.  I'm in heaven at the




  • renniw52 United States
    5,385 Posts
    Fri, Jun 6 2014 4:52 PM

    Still having the same putter since my early beginning has created total nightmares for me. I cannot get a new putter so I will have to deal with it. I don't have issues with my meter or my dinger, easy putts have become an absolute joke. Anyone I have played with lately can attest to this. Some of my misses are totally beyond belief.

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