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R.I.P Rich (LegendCrusher)

Thu, Apr 24 2014 8:12 PM by lindseyak. 70 replies.
  • KJHAWK2 United States
    567 Posts
    Sun, Apr 13 2014 9:20 AM

    Very sad news. Rich was one of the first guys i started playing with years ago. He used to be in the Moondogs C.C. for quite some time and was a pleasure knowing him through here and we played hundreds of times back then. As a Moondog still, I and all the Moondogs that knew him wish his family the best. 

  • 6tee9 United States
    848 Posts
    Sun, Apr 13 2014 10:04 AM

    RIP Sir Rich, my Aphrodite brother. Blessed to know you. 

  • jcgfree United States
    1,109 Posts
    Sun, Apr 13 2014 12:06 PM

    I wish I had more news on an Obituary, but I don't know his last name. His daughter sent a message to a player in our CC 5 or 6 days after his passing, which was April 5th. If anyone comes across it, please let us know here. I will do the same. The only info I have is that he was living in Oviedo Florida at some time.

  • thebigeasy707 United Kingdom
    5,878 Posts
    Sun, Apr 13 2014 12:47 PM

    Very sad news indeed.

    Played many alt games with Rich and every one was fun.

    He'll be sadly missed.

  • gsprink United States
    619 Posts
    Sun, Apr 13 2014 2:22 PM

    Rich joined the Moondogs when he 1st joined WGT. I was playing him in Match play and invited him when he was an amateur. I jokingly accused him of being a "double accounter" because  he knew about the Legend tier (because of his screen name duh) even though he just joined.

    He sponsored everything and gifted everybody with all kinds of stuff... He dealt with racism in some alt shot games that I played with him on...Great Guy and this is a horrible loss for all that knew him!

    The Moondogs and myself are greatly saddened by this news.

  • ladyluck87 United States
    2,287 Posts
    Sun, Apr 13 2014 10:07 PM

    I HAD THE PLEASURE OF doing rich's replays when he joined aphrodite...he truely enjoyed it >>>>> THE ECSTASY OF GOLD ..i have enjoyed every moment of the games we played when he was in our cc..A true gentlemen and he is not afraid to speak off his mind about in peace my friend   you will always be missed 

  • Fraenkel Italy
    2,251 Posts
    Mon, Apr 14 2014 12:17 AM

    Very very sad news, as many of you I always enjoy playing with him.
    Thoughts are with his family of course.

    Adieu Rich.


  • Lizard69 South Africa
    2,005 Posts
    Mon, Apr 14 2014 12:24 AM

    Awful news.

    This man inspired me to do regular "give-aways" after receiving a random gift from him.

    Didnt play with him but seemed a really good guy.

    R.I.P Sir

  • wato7 New Zealand
    572 Posts
    Mon, Apr 14 2014 1:56 AM


    very sad to hear..

    I had of the pleasure of being in a few games recently with rich, awesome guy, also played one with his daughter cortney,  , my heart goes out to them..

    R I P  Rich..

    leigh xxxx

  • golfman454ss United States
    146 Posts
    Mon, Apr 14 2014 5:26 AM

    Wow very sad news I had the pleasure of playin Rich on WGTLS in my early yrs. 

    RIP fellow WGT'er.