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Forums streaming + Additional announcement

Wed, Jun 14 2017 12:21 PM by mymanpayne. 141 replies.
  • Woodoworkery United States
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    Wed, Feb 19 2014 5:14 AM

    I asked the same thing , and here is the reply.




    [quote user="WGTdbloshoe"]

    Just wanted to let everyone know there has been some updates to the T&C.  Happy reading!




    No Framing

    You agree not to reproduce, transmit, display, distribute, "frame" or "mirror" any Materials on the Site and/or the Application(s) on any other server or Internet-based device without the advance written authorization of WGT or its licensors, respectively.

    Does that mean we can't record games 



    I would imagine this has more to do with people who record a game and then use it to show how to use a cheat engine or such. 


    - WGTdbloshoe

  • Woodoworkery United States
    3,463 Posts
    Wed, Feb 19 2014 5:21 AM

    I guess icon, or shoe better step in on this one. I was checking dates, when icon requested the streaming post (1-28-14) 

    Then the new terms and condition post (2-13-14)

    But I think the reply in my post above makes the most sense , and is probably the correct statement, and meaning to that part of the T & C.


  • JFHuber United States
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    Wed, Feb 19 2014 7:03 AM

    Unfortunately his reply is a matter of opinion from his point of view and has no relevance to the context of the terms stated.  Do we have to send a message to WGT and ask for permission to stream?  Just wondering what is the difference between this game and all the other games that are played on the internet?  I understand trying to restrict cheating, but surely all gaming sites are subject to their own variations of cheating, yet there is no implied restriction on broadcasting that i know of.  I understand the premise of the new terms, but certainly some clarity for majority of cheat free players should be presented on broadcasting.  A non answer here  from  WGT would be suspicious. 



  • WGTicon United States
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    Wed, Feb 19 2014 12:54 PM

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for making this point. It's completely valid and needs to be clarified.

    Here are my thoughts on this matter:

    We have no problems with anyone streaming the game as long as the game is not being modified nor are players allowed to use the streaming to generate revenue with ads on the sites

    So, if you are using to stream the games or post them on youtube after the fact, it's fine, since those are sites ad's, not benefit you directly.


  • JFHuber United States
    434 Posts
    Wed, Feb 19 2014 4:29 PM



    thank you for the response and clarification on this.



  • Lizard69 South Africa
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    Thu, Feb 20 2014 12:02 AM

    Thanks for that clarification Icon.

    As far as I can tell, there is only one beneficiary to any videos on youtube and that is WGT themselves.

    Some guy or gal sitting at work bored, trolling through youtube, sees some cool golf videos, thinks "hmm I wanna try that game"

    Bingooooo, WGT have a new customer.


  • TAWHook United States
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    Tue, Mar 11 2014 5:08 PM

    There are several members of the Reckless Drivers Country Club that stream We have a page up on our website with all the channels. Feel free to check from time to time, you are sure to catch someone streaming a round of golf. WGT style of course!




  • ironeagle65807 United States
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    Tue, Apr 1 2014 9:43 AM

    there only out for your cash

  • garydellabate United States
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    Tue, May 6 2014 1:36 PM


    there only out for your cash

    They are (they're) only out for your cash(.)<<