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Wed, Jun 14 2017 12:21 PM by mymanpayne. 141 replies.
  • JFidanza United States
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    Thu, Jun 8 2017 4:37 PM


    . If there's anyone who could help me with that aspect, i'd appreciate your help. I do have skype also.

    If your mic is working w/ other programs skip step #1

    #1 On your computer, bottom right taskbar may be a speaker icon, check your mic, etc. there:

    speaker R click

    'recording devices' ,

    look for your mic, enabled, check for signal if there's a meter

    #2 In my OBS studio I look at my settings:


    'desktop audio device' = default or speakers

    Mic/Aux audio device ...use drop down menu  - your mic or default


    Plus, if I use hotkeys to push to talk etc. I always open my OBS w/ R click 'run as administrator'.

    Do a sound check by streaming a test.

    Sometimes you may need to mute then unmute, once,  all audio inputs (on the OBS panel) to get a signal.

    note: your system may be different from mine, and results may vary, good luck.



  • mymanpayne United States
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    Wed, Jun 14 2017 12:21 PM

    Thank you, i'll work my way through these suggestions!