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Fri, Sep 3 2010 10:49 AM by SweetiePie. 3 replies.
  • BOFFMEN United States
    337 Posts
    Thu, Sep 2 2010 11:10 AM

    So my fancy coffeemaker's display screen becomes unreadable...decide to give up coffee while it goes back for a repair...thinking it may help my game (and golf travels).

    But just how much caffeine is in stuff and what if you drank too much...

    Death by Caffeine

  • lilrob88 United States
    870 Posts
    Thu, Sep 2 2010 8:11 PM


    looks like it would take 317 cans of coke to kill me.... is that how many Id have to drink in a day to have a caffeine over dose?



  • Doublemochaman United States
    2,009 Posts
    Thu, Sep 2 2010 8:21 PM

    Damn!  I've gotta cut back on my double mochas.  The 73 I drink per day could kill me.  And WGT wouldn't want that... I'm a good paying customer.

  • SweetiePie United States
    4,925 Posts
    Fri, Sep 3 2010 10:49 AM
    I solve it by sticking to my six pack of fine Ale.