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Reading greens

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Wed, Aug 28 2013 4:37 PM by Tightrope. 12 replies.
  • charliecuzby United States
    148 Posts
    Sun, Aug 25 2013 6:45 PM

    When the dots aren't moving at all and you ding the putt why does it roll off to one side?

  • SwingingRoofer Canada
    456 Posts
    Sun, Aug 25 2013 7:43 PM

    mine dont

  • alosso Germany
    18,280 Posts
    Sun, Aug 25 2013 11:04 PM

    LOL, hyena!

    But let's be serious:

    Why? It's programmed that way,

    For an appeasing "physics" reason, think of limited precision rates of grid and putter.

    *whispering* Don't talk about VEM§$%""§$carrier lost

  • neilecramer United States
    106 Posts
    Mon, Aug 26 2013 12:24 AM


    When the dots aren't moving at all and you ding the putt why does it roll off to one side?

    I have noticed this to some degree and I chalk it up to being a stroke at the outer limit of the "precision" spectrum. On the flip side, I have had oodles of poorly struck straight putts that still managed to go in(thank you L33 Versa). Those strokes also being outliers - just on the good side of the "forgiveness" spectrum.

    I do think it's kinda unfair that dinged shots get VEM'ed from time to time. If there was one single change I could make to the gameplay here, it would be just that. Dinged shots would be immune and all other shots would be as affected as they are now...maybe even a tad worse.


  • BubbaSauce United States
    260 Posts
    Mon, Aug 26 2013 4:27 AM

    Maybe it was a gust of virtual wind.

  • ApexPC United States
    3,164 Posts
    Mon, Aug 26 2013 9:34 AM


    When the dots aren't moving at all and you ding the putt why does it roll off to one side?

    Wind, if it's fast enough, can affect the line of the putt too.

    A 3 mph cross wind won't have much if any affect, but a 12 mph cross wind probably will.


  • Covenant Netherlands
    1,493 Posts
    Tue, Aug 27 2013 3:52 AM

    There is a simple answer to that and its called: WGT

  • slillico Canada
    393 Posts
    Tue, Aug 27 2013 4:38 AM

    2 reasons, 1 wind indeed does affect putts, a little, but it does, 2, the dots can lie, always have, always will.

    How do you counteract the effect of lying dots?

    When front and reverse view contradict each other, go to chip view, if it is the same as front or back go with it, if it is again a 3rd different read, watch closely the grid you are in and go with reverse view.

    But I suck at putting. So me suggesting anything regarding putting is kind-of stupid.

    Of course there is always the long way, make a note of every green, every pin, every angle, various distances, various speeds and your putting reads will be spot on. Something I have not done in 4 years, but the greats here have done so. It really comes down to, how much time, energy and effort do you wish to put into improving here.

    Me, I just look at the dots and hope for the best.

  • Tightrope Sweden
    1,067 Posts
    Tue, Aug 27 2013 6:48 AM

    Dots are in a 90 degree angle from the camera view. Now, sometimes the camera is not always positioned in the putting line in both normal and reverse angle. Sometimes in none of them. Only time you can really trust the putting grid is that if the ball lies in the camera line, otherwise the sideways motion will also include elevation. Hard to explain, but if you look at real golf - first the golfer stand directly behind his ball, in relation to the pin. Then he, or she, checks behind the pin, directly behind, in relation to the ball. Sometimes the WGT cameras do no offer those views, instead it is as if we are standing more or less off line.

    Conclusion: Always check both forward and reverse camera, trust the one that is most in line with your putt. If none is, and there is a lot of elevation.... you just have to guess. 


    An example: Imagine you have 7ft to the pin, 3 inch up. Camera is not straight behind you, but instead to the right. Dots are moving right to left. Chances are that the putt are straight, the dots might be the elevation. Now, same camera, behind you to the right. Dots does not move,  but they should move a bit for the elevation so chances are big that you putt will break to the right.


      cam B  
      ball   o
            cam A

    Trust cam B