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Winning With Surveys

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Sun, Jun 23 2013 12:54 PM by WeidaDeNei. 8 replies.
  • rjteeithi United States
    420 Posts
    Sat, Jun 22 2013 5:21 PM

        When I was below legend, credits were easy to win for me through both challenges, and RG tourneys…When I made legend, it’s a brick wall. I have found ways to win challenges but its tough sledding; I had to find a way to supplement my WGT income so to speak. I think everyone should look at the credits earning part of WGT part of the game….If you are sticking your credit card for 20 bucks every few months, you are not winning the game. If you look at it this way, you will understand that:


        I wanted to post this, as I am one to complain about the WGT surveys and the theft of time that many of them are guilty of. I’ve started a few in the main forums about this, and the fact that WGT does nothing about it.

       There is no doubt that if you have taken a lot of surveys, you have taken one, completed it, and then got disqualified at the end and was given 5 credits for your trouble...This absolutely infuriates me, as these surveys are on the most part too long anyways

    My survey strategy

    60 cr Surveys:

    Make time to open each and every one of them.: get through the 1st 2 questions by doing whatever you need to do, then when survey starts get DQ’ed as fast as possible…WGT gives 5 cr for this, and THEY ADD UP…Think about the 20% rake they take on all challenges and tournaments. 20% is a huge amount of money for WGT, and every 5cr you can get back has value. In my opinion, my time is worth more than the time it takes to complete a 60cr survey

    120cr Surveys:

    Pick and choose, if the survey wants you to type in a lot of words, and it looks like a long one, decide early to get DQ’ed or continue. Remember, these surveys are notorious for giving the boot after 10-15 minutes of your time is wasted, never to be returned

    200cr- 780cr surveys:

    Yes, there are surveys that pay $7.80 to complete, and you will be surprised that many of them are short and easy to take! Here’s the deal…YOU HAVE TO LIE….I do not ever lie about my demographic, IE AGE, MALE, COUNTRY, HOUSEHOLD INCOME…BUT, If I were you and it seems like the survey does not like what you are demographically, then I will bend the truth to what the surveys like. After taking many of them, you can tell what they want to hear.

    They want


    They want someone that has the authority to spend money on the product


    I made over 1500cr in 2 surveys asking me to pick what toilets I’ve installed on the projects that I run…I’VE NEVER RUN A PROJECT IN MY LIFE. But I do know a little about sinks and toilets. REMEMBER, they are looking only for your opinion on products, BUT they want the opinion of someone with the AUTHORITY to buy the products.

    When they ask you early if you work in any of the following

    It will be things like marketing, research, and other things in the group, the answer should be NO…as they do not want anyone that has a biased view of products. If they ask you if you work for a beverage company, it’s a no answer…if they ask you if you drink beer, it’s a yes answer. Make sense?

    The only way to truly get the hang of it is to do many. You will get a feel for them, and you will figure out what, and what is not worth your time.

    This may be different for other people, but I get LOADS OF SURVEY OPPORTUNTIES. Some days hardly any, some days there are 5 every time I open the game lobby

    Hopefully you take this post to heart, as there are many that have a hard time keeping up with ball purchases, let alone new clubs...

    In closing

    If you get screwed over for your time on a survey, COMPLAIN ABOUT IT, open a ticket, tell them you will not ever use the product that the survey was about again. Add to my main forum *** line about forums. There are a few out there. You will find you are not alone


    Good Luck




  • AGibbs1 United States
    53 Posts
    Sat, Jun 22 2013 7:12 PM

    Telling the truth doesn't work and neither does lying. The companies are thieves regardless. I took my last survey tonight and will from now on focus on my golf game; if I can't win credits, I'll just stick with the starter balls.


  • alosso Germany
    18,178 Posts
    Sat, Jun 22 2013 10:29 PM

    Sound strategy RJ.

    Working for a 5 credit DQ puts the right perspective to this kind of labour: Accept that they "cheat" and beat them to it, avoid disappointment.

    Giving away 15 seconds for 5 crs is 12 $ / hour - nice!

  • alanti Australia
    9,627 Posts
    Sat, Jun 22 2013 10:52 PM

    Probably good advice but i can't really comment, Since playing I have been offered 1 survey, under the take surveys tab.

    We're sorry, there are no options available to earn Credits right now. We have new options available every few days so please check back tomorrow.

    Yeah right!

  • Jimbog1964 Guernsey
    8,073 Posts
    Sat, Jun 22 2013 11:55 PM

    offered 1 survey, under the take surveys tab.

    Sydney NSW we seem to be fairing better.............Only saying in case it helps WGT help you (thinking you not NSW??)..........

    Thanks to the OP to..N1

  • alanti Australia
    9,627 Posts
    Sun, Jun 23 2013 12:13 AM

    Sydney NSW we seem to be fairing better.............

    Sydney is still what I call home (have a house on the North Shore) but am based in cold and very wet depressing New Zealand for work. Sadly no surveys here, unless they are for sheep!

  • KayoKid Canada
    9 Posts
    Sun, Jun 23 2013 10:09 AM

    Totally agree rjtee... also add videos..... after watching "WATCH THIS VIDEO - Free Credit" -

    watch one of your daily (7) and re - hit   "Watch Videos"....... that same free-bee usually pops back up....... the Heinekin Beer commercials were the best..........Cheers - and right on with your comments, I totally agree !!!

  • WeidaDeNei United States
    298 Posts
    Sun, Jun 23 2013 12:54 PM

    So take the guys advice and answer how he told me to... before this I have been disqualified from every single survey. First one up to bat and in 10 minutes I get 120 credits... Very nice.. Great post!