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Yancy Alien Hunting On Golf Course -- Shocking End!

Sat, Aug 1 2020 2:09 PM by bypass07. 1,317 replies.
  • opyeuclid United States
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    Mon, Jul 15 2019 3:16 PM

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  • drmoose United States
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    Tue, Jul 16 2019 4:08 AM

    Men, it would appear that this mission has come to a complete standstill. Until such a time that we receive confirmation that the signs on 8 & 9 actually do exist, and can be seen in normal game play mode, I recommend we cease any further search activity, and conserve our resources.

    Without such confirmation, this has become an exercise in futility, ( dare I say ) much like a CC clash ?

    Doc :)

  • YancyCan United States
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    Tue, Jul 16 2019 3:45 PM

    Men, it would appear that this mission has come to a complete standstill. Until such a time that we receive confirmation that the signs on 8 & 9 actually do exist, and can be seen in normal game play mode, I recommend we cease any further search activity, and conserve our resources.

    News We Can Use (allegedly)

    Hello DrMoose (and the team) --- Indeed, myself (this is Yancy) and you (you are DrMoose) talked via portable spacephones about just standing our ground and waiting for firms on confirmables about the signs that cannot be found on holes 8 & 9 on the Chambers Bay. Everyone involved has put full effort - even the BEST effort on a mission evers on the WGT - the teamwork, collaboration of so many great explorers has been impressive at the very least during this year long search. However, every man has his breaking point. You have yours, I have mine and everyone on this team has theirs. We have reached a line in the sand and I will be doing my best effort on the behalf of all involved here to get a secret need to know basis kinda dialogue started with someone on the inside who might just throw us a what what on this.

    In fact, I began this task yesterday and via someone in the golf world (they wish to be called Anon Tom) is just 4 degrees of separation from the worldwide known golf instructor & the official WGT virtual golf instructor aka the guy in the red shirt and has the cowboy kinda straw hat who you see when the choose club toolbar is engaged during a game up here on the WGT. His name is David Leadbetter & I will be heading out tonight to speak with him via USBdongle & Yipe (our new all beta skype sorta programmables)

    The good Doc has called for a cease search at this time and since I am technically not here for a couple days and the Doc is in-charge of floating this boat when I am at "Serenity By The Sea, I have to follow his lead under these circumstancables. Regardless, I do respect and agree with his decision on that.

    Leadbetter has some tips for us and his course management skills are best in the game. Just received confirms that he is expecting me this evening and will be equipped with video documentable machinery tools so I can share his tips for us. I have been told by Anon Tom that one of these tips is a game-changer in the "searchins for stuff" area of golf and he might just right this ship for us with just one of his personal favorite tools.

    Everyone please take the Doc's sound advice and save your strength now.
    Video of my talk with Leadbetter will be posted maybe tomorrow evening PST -- would like to say earlier but I am reaching out to you from the past as I am currently attending a time-travel symposium at Wanker's Corner Saloon.

    Stay With Me Now ---- Yancy


  • opyeuclid United States
    6,282 Posts
    Tue, Jul 16 2019 4:09 PM

    one word ,,    Team Yancy !

    Roger , Over 

    Tripping a fine line here Sir , sitting in a pod thinking . 

    Roger , Over 

    had a dream last night , 9 signs to find and were they really on the front ? the infomation was from the top , 

    Thinking out side the box were the 7 of 9 found to point us off course -?--- Looking at my star charts there is a anomality in the band with , I have the math and will pass said info to Doc .

    Roger Over .


  • drmoose United States
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    Wed, Jul 17 2019 2:40 PM

    Nowser, here's a real conundrum, " What do I do with all my free time now that I'm no longer searching for them infernal signs ?" Lemme see, I could write "War & Peace" but, Tolstoy already did that. Hmmmm, I could rebuild Rome, I hear that took more than a day. " Like sands through the hourglass " so go our WGT days. Eff it , it's cocktail hour.

    Doc :)

  • drmoose United States
    3,440 Posts
    Thu, Jul 18 2019 2:05 PM

    I've been givin' all this time on my hands thing some serious thought., after transcribing Shakespears' known works into Sanscrit., circumnavigating the globe on a  mutated snail, and replicating Einsteins' work on the theory of relativity, I've come to the following conclusion. Yep, it's cocktail hour. Have one on me fellers.

    Doc :)

  • opyeuclid United States
    6,282 Posts
    Thu, Jul 18 2019 5:00 PM

    Transmittedded from anothe r  threadd via channell 1423 , base camp moved due to 7 of 9 and a vision after light ing a Frapp Candle ,  but thats a different " Time "  and or  " Place " 


  • YancyCan United States
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    Fri, Jul 19 2019 2:23 PM

    Contact and super top-secret meeting has been arranged with Mr. Ledbetters & myself (I am Yancy) Cannot tell you about it, who I am meeting, or where, or what WGT course this will be taking place per Mr.D.L. (aka downlows)

    This might be the break we have all been so patiently waiting for peoples. This guy is a worldwide known golf instructor and also the official WGT Golf Instructor! Please dont ask me to reveal his name -- this must be done in stealth mode.

    Video documentables of everything will be shared asap. Might be couple days so please [eople I need yalls to:
    "Stay With Me Now"
    Hang Tough, Yancy

  • adaputter United Kingdom
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    Fri, Jul 19 2019 4:04 PM

    "Yancy's Log, supplemental. Our decoding core has clearly been tampered with and yet there is no sign of a breach of security on board. We have engines back and will attempt to complete our mission to find OPY. But without a reliable computer, Drmoose the mission is in serious jeopardy."

    I must ask for a complete report of what transpired while I was deactivated

    we recieved a message that encoded


    (SSSSSSSSSsssssssssssskkkkkkkkkkkkkcrackel tick 

     mmmmmmooooooooottttttiiiiiiiiooooooooonnnnnn m 

     tttrrrraaaaaaaaappppppddddddd fffffooogggggg 




    Can you decode it?, you scurrilous scatterbrain! It is required that our decoding memory banks be constantly in operation in order for us to record any uncoded phenomena in outer space.

    uncoded phenomena, indeed, you blithering booby! What could possibly be out there in all that nothingness? - [ OPY hes lost out there ] - Whoa! - [ decoding machine starts whirling into life ] 

     Drmoose think we are onto something Yancy


    OPY is communicating in code and he has boarded an alien craft has met a female and has fallen in love with a green skin woman and he's not going to come back and hang out with a bunch of greasy guys when he could be loving on her. 


    YANCY Screaming  She was here.I SAW HER IM SURE

    Right outside the view port.

    "A pretty little thing, all green with a transparent dome for a hat."

     What else was she wearing?

    " One of those skintight things.

    You know, a sort of golden-green leotard 

    Very pretty, I must say."


    SHALL  we carry on with our mission or is OPY happy?

  • opyeuclid United States
    6,282 Posts
    Fri, Jul 19 2019 4:40 PM

    OoooooPpppppYyyyy ,,,,,,,, MmmmmIiiiiiiiSsssssssssIiiiiiiiNnnnnnn.. OoooooooooooNnnnnnnn IiiiiiiSssssss 

    changing transmitting to beta 65.51 

    Send Help , need to find the signs , stranded in a Place .