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Yancy Alien Hunting On Golf Course -- Shocking End!

Mon, Jun 29 2020 1:18 PM by pdb1. 1,306 replies.
  • YancyCan United States
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    Tue, Nov 8 2016 11:53 PM


    Simplly cannot get the new video from Alien Ambasador Frappefort to post - as you see above, just the grey fuzz he actually mentions in the video - filmed before any of these here shenanigans went on down and such.

    Here is a thumbnail of the video on the Team Yancy channel - & a click to watch link.
    Not understandables whats really going on at this time & have sent for the elevator as it is into our bunker at MItchell Cabin we go.

    Please give a watch to Frappefort's message video below -- its news you can use:


  • frappefort Canada
    3,991 Posts
    Thu, Nov 10 2016 3:53 PM

    Great stuff   put on WGT   forums  .           I got operated on  Thesday  ,will be getting another on on the 17   ,    intestine problems (polype sigmoide )       one of them is 40 cm   that one on the 17 .       i will have another video   for  the records coming   at the end of the month  life willing .     until then  keep up the great discovery  mon ami  we are so close to have some sort of inconter with them i feel it .    I am Francois stay with us now.

  • opyeuclid United States
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    Thu, Nov 10 2016 4:33 PM


    Pod Brother OPY 

  • bery111 United Kingdom
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    Mon, Nov 21 2016 9:03 AM


    Hi Yancy. Our resident IT guru ScottHope did mention to me that the first letter of the video name - the "c" in your link for this case, can play havoc with WGT's ability to imbed the video into a forum post. Me, personally, I think the aliens are screwing with our Scrabble sets! I mean, I went to get a quick drink and had picked all my back to the table and all the letter tiles had gone!

    Photo proof:

    And Mr. Canadian Alien Ambassador - I have got to get me one of those hats! :)

  • ostfriedel Germany
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    Sun, Nov 27 2016 7:14 AM

    the east frisian alien ambassador captures an official flag of earth

  • YancyCan United States
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    Mon, Nov 28 2016 11:12 AM

    Excellent investigatables and documentations and such friends!

    Investigating few things ATM --- The que is bursting with paranormal golf activity.

    Heres something that I think will prove important down the line:


    THX MUCH -- I am Yancy

  • craigswan United Kingdom
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    Mon, Nov 28 2016 12:42 PM

    what do you think yancy .

  • YancyCan United States
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    Tue, Nov 29 2016 5:01 PM


    what do you think yancy .

    Well --- Having visited this course (took the long route with Medford Mel) & seen the ongoing golf paranormal goings ons & whatbnots, I (this is Yancy) have many thoughts about the HilverSmooch golf clourse in the Netherlands.

    There is a visible Squatch on the WGT course hiding besides a tree in the CTTH game & its not easy to miss this big greasy guy (forget what hole - but did a video). Here, we have the opening photo when you play the CTTH here up on this WGT. Originally, I had glossed over this until WGTer "ISH47" pointed out the Squatch in the trees here (that's inside the red circle).

    Now -- I took a look way more closelier today. Went thru some serious analysis on this, shrunk it down, enlarged it, binged it, banged it, negatied it etc.... & lookie here lookie here... I now see (with an assist to "craigswan") see the common "Troll" that also runs amuk thru the Netherlands. Take a look - seems he is waving the Squatches to move forward in this shot. Whatever the Troll is doing, as golfers we don't like it. Sayin'

    Now --- I also see some other "stuff" going on here. I am not ready to talk about it.
    If anyone spots something in either of these photos -- please share it here.

    THX - BE SAFE - I am Yancy

  • YancyCan United States
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    Tue, Nov 29 2016 5:12 PM

    For anyone what be interested --- Here is the original sighting of the first Squatch all upon the HilverSmooch WGT course --- MA ONLY:

  • YancyCan United States
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    Mon, Dec 5 2016 11:24 AM

    The big guy - the one who got me motivated to hunt for the unknown up here on the golfing courses - MisterWGT has sent via his interview with the Director of Erin Hills (Now streaming on the Facebook) that the search for answers should continue.
    As some of you may remember MisterWGT spoke of how the Pinehurst Eggs (aka Alien Pods) may be part of a star pattern that leads to new knowledgables. How did he come into this wisdom, and who told him remains a mystery. New evidence found shows that perhaps MisterWGT is a time-traveler and whatnots. Read below --- from VERY old journal:


    Yes -- there is more -- I'm getting ready to talk about it (Allegedly)
    Sincerely, My name is Yancy