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Sat, Jul 10 2010 1:32 PM by WGTniv. 52 replies.
  • terrydongle United Kingdom
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    Sat, Jul 10 2010 10:01 AM

    I was under the illusion that if any player was found to be using 3rd party software to gain an advantage, that a ban would be inflicted on such persons. You have used it and a ban should incur, whether out off curiosity or not, you still used it.

    Does this mean I can use a cheat programme out off curiosity, just once, so i could qualify for the USA virtual open. Just out off curiosity mind you, I won't use it again. PROMISE!

    A very nice piece and an informative insight  in to cheating Owntmeal, maybe this will change peoples mind about it.

  • YankeeJim United States
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    Sat, Jul 10 2010 10:34 AM

    You have used it and a ban should incur, whether out off curiosity or not, you still used it.

    2 1/2 holes is a bit of a stretch, td. The next move was to forward it to WGT, which I did, and subsequently it was dealt with, just as Own advised. 

    I think you should report me to WGT.

    As far as qualifying for that tournament, well, for what it's worth, it can be done without help. See you there!  :-)

  • Richard4168 United States
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    Sat, Jul 10 2010 10:50 AM

    Good post owntmeal.

    The sad thing is, if these players are shooting low scores because they have found a hole (bug) in the game, their not going to submit a bug report, and risk having their honey hole of credits disappear. I see why other members look down on those players that have truck loads of credits.

    Your right about people and leader-boards though. They help fuel ones ego because of a low self esteem, and will do anything to climb to the top of the heap, and say, look at me.

    WGT will clean house one day, their not going to tolerate a cheater.

  • mountainview United States
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    Sat, Jul 10 2010 10:54 AM


    • WGTalex United States
      12-14-2009 10:36 AM

      3rd party add-ons are permissible only if they are created for personal, non-commercial use. They also cannot be hacks or programs created to alter gameplay in any way. Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information.

      WGT does not warrant, test or approve any 3rd party add-ons.  All users must beware of scams, phishing, spy-ware, keylogging and viruses, that may be associated with add-ons. Also add-ons may interfere with the performance of the swing meter and the game in general.

    I found the above to be very interesting regarding this subject.

  • borntobesting United States
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    Sat, Jul 10 2010 11:17 AM

     Claremoreblue made a statement in another thread on cheating that sort of hit the nail on the head with the cheating software. For a program to ding the meter it has to be timed. And as glitchy and unstable as the meter can be at times that makes it virtually impossible for a cheat program to work correctly. And one person sid they use their ill gotten gain to buy balls to slow the meter and such. Well think about it if they had a perfect meter that perfectly dinged itself every time why would they need to slow the meter down. Use the intelligence that God gave you to think about what is being said. If you did cheat to win the credit you aren't going to waste them on things they do need or want.

    Now I'm not saying people are not going to try to cheat that is just human nature. The real cheating imo is the sandbaggers who keep their average high enough to remain in a tier they should not be in and just shoot their good scores in the tourneys to win credits and play lousy rated rounds to keep their average high enough not to be advanced. Or the multi-account people who create a new account enter a tourney the day they join shoot something like a 30 to win.  Come on a hack their one and only ranked round is a tourney at say Kiawah Isalnd and they shoot a 30 to win. 

  • Snaike United States
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    Sat, Jul 10 2010 11:55 AM

    3 things tell me that this 'perfect ding' software is ineffective:

    • The meter that skips and stutters
    • The Beast/VEMmie
    • Wind deviations

    Even if you were to hit the 'ding' on every shot, there are too many variables to play darts with these golf balls.

    While I am not disagreeing that there are people who are trying to cheat this game, I hold serious reservations about this type of hack.  "Ding"ing every shot will do you no good whatsoever... especially on Oakmont's greens.

    That's where good scores are made, boys and girls, on the greens.  People who shoot low have a great control of their putting game.  Think about it, even if you wanted to hit the 'ding', you've still got to be able to put the aimer in the right spot.


    Most of the 'Cheater' posts on this site are simply a case of: "I can't do it, so they must be cheating."  Get over it.

    If you know someone is cheating, prove it.  If you think someone is cheating, either prove it or STFU.... really.

    Have a nice day.


  • Crazyman2 United Kingdom
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    Sat, Jul 10 2010 12:20 PM

    No need to prove anything if it is self confessed I suppose!!!

    And I don't give a rats......if they are cheating........However, do I detect a touch of hypocrisy, such as "Hunt down the cheats - Multi account holders  etc etc etc" ....that is banded about in these and other ridiculous threads, that have appeared every other day. And now it seems,  perhaps only applied to a select audience!

    If people cheat, they cheat themselves, and that is entirely up to them. But people shouldn't call out 'suspected' cheats,  especially, if  by accident they "spill the beans" about their own inappropriate actions!




  • ghettocop1 United States
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    Sat, Jul 10 2010 12:27 PM

    Hey Snakey! Nice to see you again!  What most of you fail to realize is that cheating this game is way more advanced than just getting a perfect ding.  As Snaike has alluded, unless you are skilled, dinging every stroke won't do anything.  Apparently WGT does not frown on these threads any longer, so I will elaborate a bit.  I 100% have never cheated this game, nor do I ever intend to.  Do I post only my best scores?  Often times, yes!  The things WGT needs to look out for are code-copying.  I shot a birdie on KI at a friends home, and he copied the entire code line of that hole.  He was able to duplicate that exact hole over and over again in real time, as if I was playing.   If you are decent, and can birdie every hole at one point or another, the code can be copied, and replayed.  For clarification, I did not do this under my screenname.  It is happeneing folks.... Time to live with it.

  • terrydongle United Kingdom
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    Sat, Jul 10 2010 12:32 PM


    3 things tell me that this 'perfect ding' software is ineffective:


    • The meter that skips and stutters
    • The Beast/VEMmie
    • Wind deviations

    Wrong on all accounts Snaike.

    The meter that skips and stutters..  If anyone is using a "gamespeed changer",then a meter stutter or glitch won't matter. The meter has already been slowed down by the "speed changer". Thus giving you ample time to bail out on your shot. This meter stutter is effective with  macro's because a macro is timer based.It won't effect a "game speed changer"

    The Beast/VEMmie...  The higher the precision off the club the less likely this will occur.

    Wind deviations.... Same applies to the above.






  • terrydongle United Kingdom
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    Sat, Jul 10 2010 12:35 PM

    The things WGT needs to look out for are code-copying. 

    Correct. I believe this can be achieved also by any computer programmer. Maybe through using Visual Basics,but don't quote me on that. is the 9905:th largest site within .COM. The site is using the IIS web server. The programming language used on the site is C# or VB.NET (ASP.NET) and the main language used for the site's textual content is English. Wgt is using jQuery and SWFObject. The server that hosts is located in Jersey City, United States and is running Microsoft Windows.

    Edit.....C# and VB.NET is Visual Basics programming. Quite a hard language to learn I believe. But this is probably how your friend got the code for that particular hole, through V.B

    Very funny Crazyman. Loving