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Bali Hai

Sat, Jul 3 2010 10:04 AM by Griz0613. 2 replies.
  • Griz0613 United States
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    Fri, Jul 2 2010 10:16 PM

    Going to Vegas in early August after the 21st birthday. Plan on playing the course, it looks on here for sure. Was wondering if anyone else had the pleasure of playing it and what their thoughts were. I'll be sure to post back after I have.

  • andyson United States
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    Sat, Jul 3 2010 5:23 AM

    Going to Vegas in early August after the 21st birthday. Plan on playing the course,
    Griz, I haven't played the course but I see you're planning on playing desert golf in August and living in Phoenix I have done that and you need to be prepared for the ungodly heat. 

    Here's an excerpt from an article "Playing Golf in the Desert"

    Its got good advice.

    5. You are not alone.
    There are critters out there. If you are going to be poking around in bushes or under rocks, use a golf club. You might disturb a resting rattlesnake or scorpion. Then, OUCH!


    7. Summer golf
    There's a good reason that golf is a lot cheaper in the summer. It's hot. Not just hot. It's take-your-breath-away hot. I've lived in Phoenix for many years, and I do play golf in the summer if it's less than 110°F, but not without (a) sunscreen, (b) a hat, (c) lots of water, some frozen, (d) a wet towel, (e) a cell phone. Make sure that you drink water constantly, even if you aren't thirsty. I drink some before getting up to every tee box, so it becomes a routine. The most healthy, strong individual is subject to heat stroke, and by the time you notice something is wrong, it's too late. The cell phone is in case you didn't heed this warning, or in case the heat got to you anyway.

    8. How about a few brewskis?
    You'll notice that I didn't say drink fluids. I said drink water. You can't substitute beer or Bloody Marys for water. Alcohol dehydrates you, and that makes it worse. Drink water, or a sports drink like Gatorade.

    Enjoy your trip!

  • Griz0613 United States
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    Sat, Jul 3 2010 10:04 AM

    Yea I'm used to the heat, and humidity. I live in Kansas, summers usually get around 95-100 daily with humidity. Went to AZ last summer and 105 felt fantastic without the heavy ass air. I've played with heat indexes around 115 before so I don't see that being much of an issue. Appreciate it though, thanks.