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Tiger's Golf travels...

Sat, Jun 26 2010 10:34 AM by GITrDONE. 10 replies.
  • GITrDONE United States
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    Sat, Jun 26 2010 10:34 AM

     I would hate to see the results of one more missed cut.

    I wouldn' don't blame the brain washed for being,well, brainwashed...happened to millions of people in the late 30's...

    I did like Tiger's Nike commercial where his "Daddy's" voice was added to the commercial for a deep affect asking Tiger what was he thinking sleeping with all those women and disgracing his freshly made family like that...As we all know what Nike's slogan is and has been for a long time...JUST DO IT!!!

    I guess that's what he was trying to tell his fans, just go ahead and sleep around...If I can do it and get away with it, so can you.

    That's all I could get out of it...