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Fri, Apr 24 2020 5:21 PM by MadMarsh2. 75 replies.
  • willson72 United States
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    Mon, Apr 14 2014 4:36 PM

    I switched to Opera as my search engine and I no longer have a Flash Player problem.  Hope it continues to work.

  • SantaClaus50 United States
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    Mon, Apr 21 2014 4:33 PM

    First off, you must keep your Cache, or history, cleaned out.  I used Chrome at first but had meter issues.  I also use internet explore, again some inconsistencies but works.  I recently have switched to Opera and us it exclusively for my club and WGT.  Seems to be the best I've found.  Also when on a trusted site like WGT I turn off my security controls and that speeds things up as well. 

  • jambodoogs United Kingdom
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    Sat, May 3 2014 9:40 AM

    hi Firenzo i had the same problem but i found that bing seems fine. hope this helps...:)


  • NEGOLF3 Ireland
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    Sat, May 10 2014 2:43 AM

    download maxthon,and play on that site,much faster and free


  • chris2345 Bahamas
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    Sun, May 11 2014 3:39 PM

    Clear your  cashes, and use another browser...that's WGT's standard  response  to these issues.

  • roona Canada
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    Mon, May 19 2014 5:31 PM


  • roona Canada
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    Mon, May 19 2014 5:31 PM


  • Kaloke United States
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    Mon, May 19 2014 6:48 PM

    I use fire fox to play and have no issues with playing the game. However, when I post on a wall, I get all these symbols and false codes, then at the bottom all the text is there. Everything seems to run pretty smooth on IE 11 but had a hard time on my other computer with IE 8. Guess if anyone is using IE they need to upgrade to IE 11.  I keep my cache and everything cleaned out. I very seldom receive any meter problems while playing wgt.

  • Claude1956G Canada
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    Tue, May 20 2014 9:30 AM

    get someone to clean out your brouser. 

  • alcaucin Spain
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    Thu, Jun 26 2014 10:50 AM


    I originally was using Google Chrome to play this game, but it became unusable with that flashplayer download. There seems to be several hundred opinions on how to fix it and I am TOTALLY confused.

    Next, I started using Maxthon. Worked just fine for quite awhile, but now it too is completely unplayable.

    I have now tried downloading Firefox. I tried to get into WGT, and I went to the login page. The only thing it lets me do there is to register(which it wont let me do with my player name-Firenzo). It says I have to login to access the login page????? What is with that? What do I have to do to play this GAME???????????????????    

    Somethings never change eh ??