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Slice and Hook

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Sat, Feb 28 2009 12:58 PM by mosherkl. 1 replies.
  • Noodon United States
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    Thu, Feb 26 2009 9:21 PM

     Notice that the game, when you play a hook the ball follows a somewhat normal hook pattern, but when you slice the ball does not follow a slice pattern rather just starts in the direction directly right. The ball moves with the wind...,"sometimes as I find the wind very very inconsistent in this game", in a left to right, but for certain shots and aiming reasons the ball really should follow a slice pattern the same as the hook  pattern.

    The other observation is why the ball will not follow the proper aim point and just fly left or right off the club on a perfect strike. I have started playing a little more and have noticed that shaped shots are very difficult because of these issues. Example hole #4 on the Skill Challenge; aiming to the left the ball a number of times on a perfect strike flys way off to the right, or if aiming to the right of the pin the ball is hooking left on a perfect strike. Question: is there a (+ or - ) left and right perfect strike, as if a perfect strike is not dead center but close to dead center, either right or left?

  • mosherkl United States
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    Sat, Feb 28 2009 12:58 PM

     Technically, there is no slice or hook at this point. A stike point to the left or right of a perfect swing is simply a mishit, treating it as if you hit more off the toe or heel of the clubhead. This is what causes the inconsistencies in ball flight paths, as well as generation of what appears to be a hook or slice. You can certainly mishit to get similar shots to what you're attempting to do, but keep in mind the mishit also tends to significantly decrease the yardage of the shot, much moreso than a normal slice or hook would be.