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Re: G0LD's putting formula UPDATED.

Sat, Feb 22 2020 3:42 AM by jakovitjackson75. 199 replies.
  • TopShelf2010 United States
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    Fri, Aug 3 2018 8:30 AM

    EDITED by Author after retraction LOL

    Is this the correct one D?



  • kavvz Canada
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    Fri, Aug 3 2018 9:01 AM


    Ummmm, this one missed?  

  • goldeena Thailand
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    Fri, Aug 3 2018 9:24 AM



    Ummmm, this one missed?  

    Yeah - but look how clean the line was.


    It can miss, but if I can get them that close from that range then it's a big step up for me - you try that putt and tell me where you ended up.


    I scored a 65 in the Congressional challenge, wasn't the best but I haven't tuned golds for 'tourny 11' - we will see what he has got, it will still get in the money but yeah I called him out and I am about to play the Oly back 9.


    -4 ON OLY, bogie included and there you go, that's golf sometimes.


    Taking the bulk of this post out because I don't want to sour G0LDs thread and someone is probably going to snitch me for it anyway lols.

  • MainzMan Germany
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    Fri, Aug 3 2018 11:31 AM

    Well, I went round Congressional in 57 so unless you were being less than honest about that 65 you're going to have to look elsewhere for breakfast tomorrow.

    Olympic wasn't as good, no surprise.  Too many just missed putts for a decent score.  Can't honestly remember the number but it wasn't good, might get some credits back but I doubt I'll break even there.


    Anyway, my intention was not to destroy you or humiliate you. I have no issue with yourself or your method.  Well, not a big one anyway.

    What I really don't like is that new players come here, players who are probably struggling to post good scores or even make pars.  What they see here might sometimes lead them to believe that they need a degree in mathematics, spreadsheet skills and loads of free time to use these crazy formulas during a round.

    What are these people likely to do?  Download these aids to good scores and become proficient in their use?  Or go away and never come back?  I have a feeling the latter.

    When I started playing Bollox was the big name around here, posting scores that seemed impossible to me at the time.  He rarely posted in the forums but when he did give advice it was usually very simple and easily understood by everyone.  What he didn't do was make the game appear way more complex than it is.  He just played, occasionally still does, the game by feel and used his experience to make the right shot at the right time.

    I honestly think that new players are being turned off the game by some of these elaborate methods being posted these days.  They do not need this advice.  They certainly do not need it from people who are still learning the game and how best to play it.

    Use whatever method you want to play the game, it's a free World after all.  Just don't try to make out that you have the secret to playing well and it involves complex formulae and lots of number crunching.  The only secret to playing this game is experience and memory.  That's it.  Nothing else is required.

    I'll give you an example.  When I played this shot I moved the aimer until it looked about right, gave the ball a bit of spin and dragged the power meter to nearly full. 

    I did not aim X yards left, use Y spin and Z power.

    Worked out pretty well, all things considered.

  • MainzMan Germany
    9,582 Posts
    Fri, Aug 3 2018 11:33 AM

    Oh, sorry about that comment.

    I'll edit the post.

    I'd like to point out that the first shot was fired by yourself though.

  • MainzMan Germany
    9,582 Posts
    Fri, Aug 3 2018 11:36 AM

    I edited my post but Ross has quoted it in full, thanks bud : )

    And Don posted part of it that I have since removed.

    Did what I could but there is sadly some evidence of my intolerance here : (

  • goldeena Thailand
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    Fri, Aug 3 2018 11:44 AM

    It is up to people how they play this game, don't assume that the General relativity of WGT puts people off - it excited me so much I spent 6 months finding the answer to it.


    It is opinion - and this formula works like nothing I have ever witnessed, I spent my early days in this game compiling massive spreadsheets on putting lenghs and elevations so do not assume beginners will be put off by such enormities.


    And if you want to do these 2 ready goes again tomorrow I am all game - let'ts see how they work out on average if you want it.


    I will have 2 sick rounds that is for sure, just didnt expect tourny '11'




    deena 'the power' love.



    I just want to tell you all that Mainz and myself are now friends, I think the guy is complete quality and I had another very special friend request accepted too last night - yeah, the GOD or shall we say G0LD is now my friend - it's all too much for my puny mind to take in at the moment!!


    Just thank you to Mainz and I am speechless, really am - thank you very much Mr G0LD I am in dreamland.

  • MainzMan Germany
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    Sat, Aug 4 2018 9:52 AM

    Hey, it's all cool and I apologise for my offensive post, that really wasn't called for.

    I do think you are over analysing the game though and perhaps not getting as much fun out o fit as you otherwise might.  While this is a computer game and, in theory, is controlled by numbers, that doesn't necessarily mean 17 x 3 will always be 51.  Sometimes, on WGT, it will be 50.99 or 51.01 and that makes a difference.

    I used to use the old faithful cross wind strength x distance / 200 to work out how much to allow for the wind.  Works pretty damn well too but one day I just figured it was more fun to play by "feel".  I play as well as I used to and rounds take a lot less time to complete.

    Each to their own of course but after many rounds played I find the "looks about right" method much more enjoyable.

    I very rarely play RG's but next time I enter one I'll send you the number so you can play it too.

  • goldeena Thailand
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    Sun, Jul 7 2019 12:58 AM


  • jakovitjackson75 United States
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    Sat, Feb 22 2020 3:42 AM

    Wow. That is alot to take in but I must admit, at least initially I see the truth of it. I look forward to practicing this and possibly making some adjustments of my own. I've always thought that the degree of difficulty for putting jn this game is actually too much. Its actually harder to make consistant putts in this game than it is in real life. In real life i very rarely miss anything outside of 5 feet. Yet with this game it's a fairly commin occurrence. But that was before I had even a glimmer of hope. So Thank you my friend.