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Re: The not-so-perfect perfect shot

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Fri, Feb 27 2009 1:15 PM by BeachGolf. 14 replies.
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  • driving United States
    51 Posts
    Mon, Feb 9 2009 11:18 AM

     thank you at wgt for the hint when ohio thaws out i can inprove my real golf score by doing luck shots rather than trying sensible shot attemps

  • theBigT United States
    23 Posts
    Tue, Feb 10 2009 8:33 PM

    hey guys,with all respect to nivlac who is a hell of good at this and always trys to help us out and i thank you for that nivlac i find that the same shot can end up with quite different results too.i get very pissed off and sometimes i want to quit but i keep 50 years old and have played video games since i was 17 and ive only been in wgt since nov.but im shooting worse now than early on.i should be getting better but i cant hardly get a par round.i dont know how i got 3 birds in a row and i cant get 2 anymore.i think every green is way to difficult as far as evenist goes.i dont expect all greens to be flat but i think they are way too difficult.i pretty much gave up on stroke playand mainly play skills.if i finish top 100 im happy.lately i am playing like poop and then suddenly today i shoot a 129.05 and im happy again although to some of u 129 is not so frustrated but i love playing this and im determind to get better.i was down to a 71 avg.but now im 74.i cant fiqure it.hang in there.

  • majorwoods United States
    9 Posts
    Tue, Feb 17 2009 12:44 PM


    I think it is great to have these other variables included in the shots, but I think that for those times when it says "perfect" there should be some added incentive like longer distances or straighter shots, maybe giving you the benifit of the doubt when you hit the pin, stuff like that. That way you feel good about getting a "perfect"shot rather than ripped off when "perfect" is far from it.

  • WGTadmin United States
    1,165 Posts
    Sat, Feb 21 2009 8:54 AM

    Just to clarify, a "perfect swing" is just that... a perfect swing.  It does not mean that you read the lie, wind, distance or any other condition correctly. The perfect swing is the purest act in golf, but just like real life it does not automatically translate into a low score or winning in tournaments.  Such is golf...


    This being said we are working on better clubs that will give you more control on your shot making and precision.

  • BeachGolf United States
    119 Posts
    Fri, Feb 27 2009 1:15 PM

     I don't mind the randomness of the shots, but I think that the closer you get to the "perfect" mark, the smaller the randomness factor should be.  Right now it seems that the randomness factor is constant no matter how close you get to the perfect mark.  I don't think the randomness should go away, but it should also improve with better clubs once they are available.  If you completely get rid of it, then some people will be able to shoot ridiculous scores.

    One other improvement should be on the chipping...All of the chips seem to go 4 to 5 yards farther than the distance says, even with maximum backspin.  It's an easy adjustment to make if you know it's wrong but...

    Ok, while I'm doing this, a couple other seems that the distance penalty for putting through fringe or fairway is too strong.  Personally I can't putt worth a lick on this game (I guess that's great realism), but it seems that you almost have to double your distance if you are putting from the fringe.  I also haven't found a use for the flop shots yet.  Maybe there should be greater distance options for the flop shot?  In real life, I try flop shots up to about 50 yards.

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