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Re: Platinum Sandman

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Thu, Dec 17 2009 7:12 PM by GolfDum. 2 replies.
  • SweetiePie United States
    4,925 Posts
    Thu, Dec 17 2009 5:30 PM

    Thanks to some poor driving and crappy approach shots, I reached the 500 sand saves award. Should I celebrate with a better set of irons?

  • Infinito3010 Canada
    3,689 Posts
    Thu, Dec 17 2009 6:20 PM

    The way I look at the Ham and Egg and Sandman award is as follows.  One shouldn't consider that he/she will always hit the fairway or GIR all the time.  It shows that you have diversity in your shot making.  Fantastic, keep it rolling. 

    But a set of new irons can't hurt either.

  • GolfDum United States
    396 Posts
    Thu, Dec 17 2009 7:12 PM

    It's only my opinion of course SP but i think you'd LOVE the rapture irons. I have the new rapture iron set. I really wish I'd have stuck with the original raptures though. It seemed to fill the gaps a bit better.

    Looks like your game is really coming together for you, way to go!

    Mine's gone down hill something fierce since i made master. My putting was getting really good. Now I cannot seem to hit putts at all.

    Good for you!