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Thu, May 7 2020 12:46 AM by ScottHope. 3 replies.
  • MULLZA United Kingdom
    937 Posts
    Wed, May 6 2020 11:42 AM

      on playing new version of game , i used the options to  not use fullscreen while i did something  for a second - now im unable to access the same option box on bottom   because the screen is not now fullscreen its hidden under my  taskbar - cannot play either because the bar is also under taskbar

    how to i get game back to  fullscreen , amy other ways?or ways to  remove tasKbar temporarily  Any suggestions


  • nolan60 Canada
    138 Posts
    Wed, May 6 2020 10:08 PM

    A couple things you can try ... hit the escape key or change your setting for the task bar to auto hide ...



  • brianmartin56 Australia
    652 Posts
    Thu, May 7 2020 12:11 AM

    I had exactly the same problem Mullza and Scott helped me sort it out.

    Look on page 97 of the thread "WGT Early Access for PC" in " Announcements and News"

    Sorry....i don't know how to copy a link.



  • ScottHope United Kingdom
    6,731 Posts
    Thu, May 7 2020 12:46 AM

    Here you go.  ; )