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Re: Forfeits & moving up

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Tue, Apr 28 2020 7:31 AM by el3n1. 10 replies.
  • el3n1 United States
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    Tue, Apr 28 2020 7:31 AM

    I waited a while , then closed out the game , when I would normally come back in as a saved game , but it didn’t , so I lost .

    I believe some have learned how to do this intentionally, others it may be out of frustration or an accident, but I do believe some are doing it intentionally.

    The key I  have read others share is to have a second device.  When they do this or attempt to do this.. if you can use a second device to "nudge" or reactivate by restarting the game and getting you back in on your primary device it seems to break the spinning cycle.  As soon as the clock starts again, I close the second device to not cause any problems.

    If you play on a tablet, use your phone to just open the game.  If you play on the new EA version then use your tablet or phone to open the game... Once it restarts the clock, close out the second device.