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World Golf Tour Champions Country Club

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Wed, Apr 8 2020 7:46 AM by KylanJames. 0 replies.
  • KylanJames Australia
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    Wed, Apr 8 2020 7:46 AM

    I am the owner of "World Golf Tour Champions Country Club"

    We are looking for new members to  join our club. We are a level 4 club, with shot pal and putter pal. I'm looking at setting up an app platform, 'discord' so everyone within the club can chat amongst each other.

    We hold regular tournaments,  and join in clashes. We also have a world leader board within the club. It records wins within certain tournaments, record shots, and more. 

    Virtual Trophies are also rewarded for these tournaments and your name is re order on the discord. 

    In saying all this , it is still in the making. And I  just trying to build number and active members within tournaments to get this off the ground,


    Please Feel free to join.