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Thu, Apr 2 2020 2:12 PM by ZIZIfromBP. 4 replies.
  • lonniescott711 United States
    4,053 Posts
    Wed, Apr 1 2020 2:50 PM

    Since I started playing the new game version I noticed that there is no glove for the avatar . The only gloves are the ones with the special attributes that can be rented for a period of time . Why cant we have a glove with no attributes for the avatar just like the flash version of the game . Also why wont WGT put more clothes for the avatars than the Loudmouth apparel .

    Since its all graphics and design it should be easy to do .

  • Wutpa Canada
    4,181 Posts
    Wed, Apr 1 2020 8:18 PM

    My avatar in PCEA has a glove with no attributes. In fact all my avatar's apparel have no attributes because I selected it that way.

  • MarchieB Canada
    506 Posts
    Wed, Apr 1 2020 8:30 PM

    The OP is correct as there is no basic glove option. The only gloves available are ones that have added attributes. The original avatar only has basic shoes/shirt/pants. The basic option for gloves/hat are to have No glove or hat. 
    Just an FYI you do not need to spend any credits for apparel and they are not rented. If you play coin room games with an active sponsor, you will receive the apparel items for free.  
    The only real solution for the OP is to pay the 500 credits and unlock the separate Appearance tab. This will allow you to have one set of apparel for attributes (you can set them to basic/none to have no added abilities) and a second set of apparel for the appearance (you pick any of your available apparel items to wear just for the appearance)

  • ZIZIfromBP Canada
    549 Posts
    Wed, Apr 1 2020 10:42 PM

    I have many question to wgt  about new version. I play 80% alt shots and rest  CC and other tourneys.   Tried new version and I cant hit as good on new version .  Questions

    #1, Why is everything on the wrong side ??   Old version has players and chat left side right side has hole info yard wind. I get confused all the time cuz I look the usual side.   asking WHY did they change it ?

    #2  Wind arrow should be like old version bigger and longer.  confusing also

    #3  letters should be bigger and clearer  ,  yards to pin etc

    #4 I was using aim arch a lot, helping to see how the ball will get to green. Specially long punch hots I cant see if ball will go over bunker or not.

    #5  Time is not enough  45sec  to make a difficult putt Merion #5 and #6 holes  and I see others time out often.  Minimum should be 60 sec. for head to head matches. 

    #6 Putting so much different than old version.  Why do I miss many 3-4-5 ft putts on new??  and make them on old ?

    Overall I don't like new version, but I will try later again and see if wgt made some changes or not.  ZZ


  • ZIZIfromBP Canada
    549 Posts
    Thu, Apr 2 2020 2:12 PM

    Nice going wgt,,  my #4  aim arch is back and working fine I tried it.   ty    ZZ