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Re: Any equipment changes for Master?

Sat, Mar 28 2020 4:48 AM by GaneshLM. 4 replies.
  • GaneshLM Germany
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    Sat, Mar 21 2020 11:16 AM

    Hello boys and grills,

    I just got to Master and i have to say its a big jump in difficulty...

    I think my equipment was good for Pro Tour and probably its still for Master but i would love to hear any sugestion from you.

    My Driver is the TS2

    I use an Sub Zero Epic Flash (L51)

    The Callaway Apex 19 Iron set (L30)

    and 3 Titleist Vokey SM7 56° 60° and 64° wedges.

    And a GI3-S ball.

    Thank you for your time and answers!

    Stay healty


  • SimonTheBeetle Canada
    1,186 Posts
    Sat, Mar 21 2020 12:08 PM

    I just got to Master and i have to say its a big jump in difficulty...

    Oh, wait until you get to Legend to say that. LOL

    As rules of thumb in general, you'll need clubs of high trajectory as you move up, facing faster greens which in other workds, you'll be dealing with hard concrete-like surfaces so if you want your ball to get real close to the pin, you definitely gotta go for higher trajectory + more backspin on your clubs (and more backspin on your ball as well).

    WGT introduces new clubs and balls in the pro shop quite regularly (and it's been a while that I haven't purchased any additional clubs as I've got them all maxed) so rather than pinpointing which club to purchase, it'd be better to say any club that achieves the above is good one for you.

    Good luck in your journey of WGT mastering.


    P.S.: I just checked you profile and... you must've been taking helluva break since you joined in 2008!! You must be one of the very first members of this game! Welcome back.

  • alosso Germany
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    Sat, Mar 21 2020 1:34 PM

    I think my equipment was good for Pro Tour and probably its still for Master but i would love to hear any sugestion from you.
    It doesn't look too shabby! I had doubts about the driver, but it's just a few yds behind the M6 @L69 - not much improvement to expect.

    /methinks that it's up to you to adjust to the situation and wait for the real urge of a change - irons? Rising in levels in the meantime will help you then.

    Have fun!

  • Dhumavati80 Canada
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    Fri, Mar 27 2020 2:18 PM

    It looks like you now have the lvl 59 Ping i500 irons, which are terrific and should last you until the lvl 85 Apex irons, if not longer. I skipped the i500's and got the Cobra's in the mid 60's, which were Med trajectory and I hated them. High trajectory irons are an absolute must, especially on 10+ speed greens.

    The lvl 55 TM driver you have now will last you until lvl 90+ imo. I have the same driver (M5) and I won't be upgrading until the lvl 102 driver. 

    Your wedges are fantastic, even being lower lvl, so you won't need to upgrade until lvl 80 when you can upgrade to the higher lvl Vokeys. However, you may find the lower lvl Vokeys to be totally fine.

    You should upgrade your ball to the lvl 13 Srixon. It will  be a big upgrade and is one of the most cost effective balls, if not the most. You will notice a huge difference.

    Hope that helps :)

  • GaneshLM Germany
    6 Posts
    Sat, Mar 28 2020 4:48 AM

    Hi Dhumavati,

    Thanks for reply! After reading the suggestions i went for the Ping Irons to upgrade from my old Apex. The difference in the trayectory is really noticable and "complicated" shots are easier to make and im getting more consistent results.

    With this free rental day i could try the Irons out first and also got to love the Level 55 Driver. That will be for sure my next purchase. Now is sawing time, watching adds and hope i get some cr. from the march pinhurst nr.2 tourment. Fingers Crossed!

    I bought my wedges also from a recommendation and they are really great. Probably gonna stick a long time with them. I got so used to the 15yrs gap between them that i think it could get really hard using only 2.

    After trying also the better putters i have to say that they sound too for me as a good thing to put my money in.

    I will follow your wise words about the lvl 13 ball and give it a try. Right now im using the gifted balls from Birchi after he announced he wanted to stop playing.

    Thank you again in particular and all who gave some recomendations!