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Re: CC passes not regenerating every 4 hours for Clash #120

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Sat, Mar 7 2020 5:44 AM by dufferphiljo. 35 replies.
  • 4PennyLane Canada
    19 Posts
    Thu, Mar 5 2020 3:14 PM

    I’m in California it’s 3:13 pm and still not fixed for my club ..PIA

  • DonCaron United States
    5,269 Posts
    Thu, Mar 5 2020 3:33 PM

    Clear your browser Cache and history, close the browser and reopen it.

    Log back in and hopefully that works.

    Mine was 7 hours before and now 3

  • Russkoe360 United States
    329 Posts
    Thu, Mar 5 2020 3:40 PM

    It is still not working for me.  I am a pc player & still showing 1hr 25 mins after last playing early this morning.  Very frustrating.


  • bossbird France
    659 Posts
    Thu, Mar 5 2020 3:41 PM

    Check again now , mobile users , as mine has just been reset , whilst I was in email contact with WGT .

  • Aidansnell United Kingdom
    103 Posts
    Thu, Mar 5 2020 3:54 PM

    On a 4 hour cycle now. Few emails to WGT with screenshots and they 1st credited a pass and then reset it for me. I also swiped the app from memory but don’t know if that helped. Just habit. IPad.

  • dufferphiljo United States
    6 Posts
    Sat, Mar 7 2020 5:44 AM

    i need a club that crieds in their tornaments