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Re: Gifting Apparel

Wed, Feb 26 2020 1:35 PM by BPeterson8256. 4 replies.
  • BPeterson8256 United States
    741 Posts
    Wed, Feb 26 2020 7:17 AM

    Is there a way to gift apparel? If not, this would be a fun feature to add to the game. Last month and again now, there is holiday apparel available. It would be fun to be able to offer this as a prize in country club competitions. It would be a unique prize that players might not get for themselves otherwise.

    I know some may think what a waste. 😂 I just think it would add a little fun. 


  • TopShelf2010 United States
    9,509 Posts
    Wed, Feb 26 2020 8:13 AM

    I know some may think what a waste. 😂 I just think it would add a little fun.

    Actually, that is not a bad idea at all. You forgot to mention one of the most, if not the most important factor when making suggestions...

    Being able to Gift Apparel will also generate income for WGT.


    Nicely done Brett. I hope WGT listens to this one.



  • andwhy67 France
    2,718 Posts
    Wed, Feb 26 2020 12:59 PM

    Good idea, wish someone could gift me a pair of those crutchless never miss knickers panties😉

  • Mythanatos United States
    1,290 Posts
    Wed, Feb 26 2020 1:26 PM

    except the price per point is completely ridiculous.

    It's progressive. common starts at 30 credits for the first point and goes up 10 more credits each successive point.

    Rare starts at 60 and goes up 20 credits per point.

    Epic starts at 150 credits for first point then goes up 30 credits each point. 


    so as an example 10 points of let's say epic SE hat would cost 2850 credits. if got them in one sitting. If you just sucked it up and went for 10 more points that would cost another 5150 credits.

    So 20 points would be 8000 credits.

    and just for fun let's say you had the SE hat at level 7 and wanted to get it to level 10...

    Let's see that's 1700 points needed. And if you did it in increments of 20 points at a time because $80 was all you were willing to spend at a time... 

    let's see that 85x you'd have to wait on the SE hat to be available in the store.. probably only take 5 or so years to see it that many times. and 680000 credits would be all it cost...

    So for the low low price of $6800 and 5 years  you could have the best apparel item in the game be maxed out.

    Good news is you could half the time down to 2.5 years and just cost you ~$8500 more for a total cost of ~$15,300 for the one item...


  • BPeterson8256 United States
    741 Posts
    Wed, Feb 26 2020 1:35 PM

    I was talking more about the holiday apparel. They generally have no attributes. The new ones now are St Patrick's Day shorts. It would be fun to be able to gift them as a prize in a holiday tourney.  I first had the idea last month when they had the valentines day shorts.