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Re: Sale on Drivers? Not that I see . . ..

Thu, Dec 19 2019 2:26 PM by ffries61. 11 replies.
  • andwhy67 France
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    Wed, Dec 18 2019 11:17 PM




    The Flash sale is now showing up

    Still no sale tags showing when I look

    I am on Android with today's update


    ipad too!


  • ffries61 United States
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    Thu, Dec 19 2019 2:26 PM


    I went to the pro shop after I saw the advertisement for 20% off. I did not see anything on the clubs, so I assumed they would just be discounted at purchase. Now I see the club I purchased is on sale, it was supposed to be, when I followed the link to flash sale in the first place. Please refund me the 20%. You can see what time I purchased it..

    Contact customer support, I'm sure they'll fix it for you.