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East Coast CC

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Wed, Nov 20 2019 2:49 PM by alph51. 0 replies.
  • alph51 United States
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    Wed, Nov 20 2019 2:49 PM

    We are a long standing CC with strong showings in the past 3 World Cups. We are currently shedding some members who have disappeared from the WGT scene. We are currently looking to add active members at Master tier and above. We are looking for players who are active, participate in CC events and check in on our club forum. Any new player can set up new cc tourneys and we are open to any new ideas for making the club a fun place to be.

    If you would like to join or want more info contact me (alph51), Cuser44 or Dstylie, I'll take friend requests or you can do a wall post to any of us.

    We all look forward to meeting you on the fairways!