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Re: Charity Challenge

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Wed, Oct 8 2008 2:28 PM by WGTalex. 1 replies.
  • Caven United States
    63 Posts
    Wed, Oct 8 2008 1:43 PM


    How much longer will the previous charity challenge be available?

    To be honest I enjoy the charity challenge to this release in regards to the skill challenge.

    The previous challenge is crisper, better visuals and better use of angles to allow the feel of being more into the game.  Also there is a little slower pace and more acute ball travel from swing to across the greens by the use of more overhead close ups and from behind the hole.  I just don't get the sense of realism from this release as from the previous.





  • WGTalex United States
    2,087 Posts
    Wed, Oct 8 2008 2:28 PM

    Hi Caven,

    For now there are no plans to take down the Charity Challenge demo. We will continue to improve on the new game, and your feedback here will help us make it the best!