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Re: Legend-NOT

Sun, Oct 6 2019 3:36 PM by DonCaron. 15 replies.
  • DanL24 United States
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    Wed, Sep 25 2019 4:11 PM

    As everybody correctly points out, the move up to Legend is brutal at first.  It's not just the length of the holes, it's not just the speed of the greens, it's the combination.  I think I played the free balls until I get to Tour Master tier and then just got some low level WGT balls and the game was pretty easy.  But at Tour Master you can still shoot a 60 on most courses with very few shots over 150 yards into a green.  All of a sudden at legend, you have a lot of 200+ yard shots to hit into greens that are even faster so it's damn near impossible to hold greens without a reasonably high spin ball.


    My game at legend started to get a lot better when I improved...

    1) playing the wind better both side to side but also helping/hurting

    2) mastered how and when to alter spin on shots to get more precise results (as well as how changing the spin changed the influence of the wind and the distance the shot went)

    3) getting better at putting, both in the making >90% of putts inside 10 feet but also holing a decent number of 20 foot putts.



    On a related note, I personally learned how to better play the "ding".  I stopped trying to hit it perfectly every time and instead hit it just a smidge late each and every time.  The problem when I tried to hit the ding was there is a big difference in shot outcome in a crosswind whether you hit slightly early or slightly late.  By just realizing my "natural" shot is slightly late it minimizes the spread in outcomes if I am off by a little bit.  If I'm early and hit the ding it ends up a smidge long and left of where I expect, if I'm late it goes a smidge short and right.  But gone are the days of not being sure which way I would slightly miss and seeing a large variation in outcome if you are playing in high wind conditions.  I can still intentionally hit it a little early if a "draw" would be a better shot for a given approach.

  • Connorjwebb123 United Kingdom
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    Thu, Oct 3 2019 7:08 PM

    I just ranked up to Master and I’m struggling with the tees, it’s a lot to readjust to

  • mantis0014 Australia
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    Sun, Oct 6 2019 2:10 AM


    Boy I had a feeling this might be tough. I was really enjoying tour master (6 months) maybe, then got “promoted” to Legend during that glitch a month or so ago. Just having a hard time figuring it out now. Everything feels tougher,  not just the long tees. Can’t even get my average below 70, and that’s playing all the “easy” tourneys I can. Feeling they robbed me out of some of my childhood, lol. Any tips would be appreciated. 

    Very very sincerely 

    burnt out Bukky

    Hang in there.  Everybody goes through it.  When I turned Legend it was horrendous and after quite awhile things started to click and got alot easier.

  • carlosdev India
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    Sun, Oct 6 2019 2:15 AM

    Time will get you ahead. Hang on there :) :) 

    - Carl 

  • DonCaron United States
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    Sun, Oct 6 2019 3:33 PM

    You will get it like every tier. It just takes a Little time. It not that hard really

  • DonCaron United States
    4,138 Posts
    Sun, Oct 6 2019 3:36 PM

    You have won a lot of tournaments for someone having a hard time. Lol.

    I think you have gotten it down