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Re: Mid Lvl Putter Opinions?

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Mon, Sep 2 2019 7:41 AM by aznetwrkgal. 14 replies.
  • aznetwrkgal United States
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    Wed, Aug 21 2019 4:41 PM

    I know putters have been beaten to death, but I can't seem to find any info on the newer stuff in the proshop?

    I'm currently using the TM Spider lvl 35 putter.  I'm sooo tired of hanging on the edge or lip outs.  Makes me sick leaving make able birdies out there.

    I haven't rented any putters yet, waiting till I have time to test them.  Wondering if anyone has opinions on any of the following?

    TM Spider lvl 51

    Odyssey Sabertooth lvl 59

    Titleist Cameron Phantom lvl 70

    Also an additional question...  Putter increments?   Is there a "preferred" increment length as you move up in the game or is it just personal preference?

    Thank you for your time.

  • Luckystar5 United States
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    Thu, Aug 22 2019 10:16 AM

    if you're having trouble with lip outs, and the ball peeking in the hole, let me save you some trouble and money.   Lots of people having same problems, even with the best putters available.  some will tell you to just hit it harder, but when you do, it lips out.  correct speed is your best friend in putting, not the putter.  

  • MGB01 Spain
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    Thu, Aug 22 2019 11:00 AM
    putting is all line and speed.....personally i use full break and the ball rolls into the hole at a speed if missed would be 2ft past.....if your dead weight then your shy on your speed.....seems if you leave alot at the side then also your line is putters or more expensive ones wont change anything......ive tryed them all.....but always return to my begginners putter because i know the exact distance for my increments.....and it putts point is learn the putting better and save your credits ....good luck regards mickey
  • DoctorLarry United States
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    Thu, Aug 22 2019 7:53 PM

    Check the parameters for each putter against what you most need to improve.

    You can buy better precision, forgiveness, meter speed, etc., if you want.

    I need a slow meter so that was always my priority, followed by precision.

  • 1irony United States
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    Sat, Aug 24 2019 6:46 PM

    As many others have mentioned getting a new putter is not going to drastically make your putting better. Best way to get better is to practice and to learn new methods that work for you. This is by far the better way of improving your putting.

    That being said, I have had and still have the L70 Versa, the precursor to the Scotty Cameron of the same level, for over a year and a half now and I'd be lying if I didn't say it's the best putter for the money (credits). While I'm sure the L98 Scotty is better, it's double the price and I don't think you'll make double the putts with it. The putter you have now is fine, but it's a long road to L98 so I'd definitely reccomend the L70.



  • el3n1 United States
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    Mon, Aug 26 2019 9:49 AM

    to learn new methods

    absolutely agree... some of the methods are not easily found when they span back over the last 7 years in the forums... but doing a search helps...

    Below are a few that I looked into, researched and compared to one another... the links may or may not still work... it has been awhile since I looked at them...

    Sometimes it is a matter of matching your preferred putting speed with the method that works for you... if you like to hit your putts firm or more drop dead weight... everything effects the line.. it is why some work sometimes and not others... not to mention some greens seem to have their own nuances... and even each of these methods has likely been revised over time... I highly doubt they all use the exact same method now without being refined or improved upon.

    To my knowledge all of these are FREE, buying a new putter will cost you credits.

    Here is how I looked at it... if any one of these methods helps you drop 1 or 2 more putts over 9 or 18 holes you will be winning more... eventually you may even tweak one of them to suit your personal style … ding or off ding putting ...


    A few putting links: Tekoma - JC Sneed - StoneCold - Nivlac - Young46 - AgentBrown123 Naturali  - 11BC2 appears to be removed) - Gold's (old one April 2012 I hadn't seen but haven't tested)  -  

    JC Sneed (appears to be wayback archive) appeared to be modified or utilized by Young46, Naturali and 11BC2... Took me the better part of a year to stumble across and work with the list above, which is why I started saving the links... so despite it's simplicity... it reflects a lot of time invested collecting those links and working with the methods... and it is still a learning process... but they can help you make more putts!

  • MGB01 Spain
    1,095 Posts
    Mon, Aug 26 2019 2:42 PM
    tekoma doesnt use maths....just points of reference.....learning tekoma methods have helped me so much......and gives you a better understanding of putting.....100 % i can say i make so many more putts per round using tekoma......this guy was genious
  • aznetwrkgal United States
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    Tue, Aug 27 2019 1:42 PM

    I've watched the video a couple of times and have been practicing it and it is helping improve my putting.   Some of this I was doing before I even knew about the video,but it does help explain and show.   Of course will take much more practice.   I'm still trying to figure out the ding and off-dings?  I'm used to trying to ding and I'm not consistent enough at this point to ding just off one side or the other when I want.

    Thanks for showing me the link!  :)


  • el3n1 United States
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    Tue, Aug 27 2019 2:56 PM

    I'm still trying to figure out the ding and off-dings?

    from what I read... I would say most people focus on "ding putting" ... the idea of "off dinging" comes about when you want to hold the ball on line against a slope ... so you miss ding into the slope.  

    interestingly enough, a few top players have goofed around at times and played entire rounds (tee, approach, and putting)  without moving the flag/aim point and still scored quite well -- playing "off ding"

  • aznetwrkgal United States
    51 Posts
    Tue, Aug 27 2019 5:19 PM

    ok, may be a stupid question but...  When watching the video when he zooms in it goes so you can see the aiming pointer, when I zoom in it zooms into the ball area and I can't even see the pointer.  How do I change that?

    Thank you