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Re: The Smoking Tees Looking For Active Members

Sat, Nov 16 2019 11:56 AM by rorys1fan. 35 replies.
  • woods30755 United States
    3 Posts
    Tue, Oct 1 2019 8:09 PM

    No worries! Thank you for the response. I have sent my request to join your club. I'm looking forward to getting started with you all.

  • waughy2 Australia
    14 Posts
    Mon, Oct 28 2019 6:44 PM

    Great club , especially now the old owner was booted.

  • reggie7900 United Kingdom
    399 Posts
    Tue, Oct 29 2019 1:21 PM

    hello my name is kevin cope could you send me an invitation as I am looking for a good club to join thanks hope to hear from you soon

  • UNCforLIFE United States
    12 Posts
    Tue, Oct 29 2019 2:14 PM

    Hi Kevin. Thanks for the response. Invite has been sent. Just to let you know over 50 of our members are on the app telegram. We use it to communicate, socialize with other members and organize in house tourneys. It's a very simple app. Its not required but it does open up a new side of wgt. You can look me up @uncforlife or Sit one of the directors @rorys1fan. Welcome to the club and enjoy!

  • rorys1fan United States
    54 Posts
    Wed, Nov 13 2019 2:03 AM


  • rorys1fan United States
    54 Posts
    Sat, Nov 16 2019 11:56 AM

    We placed top 15 in the recently concluded clash!

    If you enjoy clashes, you'd really enjoy it here. Let's aim for top 10!!!