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Re: New Course Suggestions

Mon, May 4 2020 11:23 PM by kaycharrub. 41 replies.
  • RRodriguez9087 Mexico
    3 Posts
    Mon, Nov 18 2019 7:02 PM

    Please bring this one

  • kaycharrub United Kingdom
    63 Posts
    Wed, Jan 22 2020 5:38 AM

    As a European it would be fantastic to see another course added, maybe something like. Valderama, Le Golf National or even Abu Dhabi Golf course 

  • JOHN36SHAW United Kingdom
    180 Posts
    Sun, Feb 16 2020 12:51 AM

    i think WGT should introduce the full celtic manor & valhala

  • capmjh United States
    4 Posts
    Fri, Apr 3 2020 12:47 PM

    Seeing that the PGA has pulled it from their Tour. how about adding Firestone?


    Also, what about English Turn or Sleepy Hollow? Both are past tour courses as well.

  • WildCoast United Kingdom
    295 Posts
    Wed, Apr 8 2020 4:58 PM

    How about one of Gary Players courses eg Sun City where they play the Million Dollar

  • mygolfer010 United States
    18 Posts
    Sun, Apr 26 2020 5:58 AM

    How  about any course

  • fobby1980 United States
    283 Posts
    Sun, Apr 26 2020 8:01 AM


    How  about any course

    Bandon Dunes is supposed to come this summer, but it doesn’t look like it will, what’s with the COVID thing 

  • KTWlkr Sweden
    5 Posts
    Sun, Apr 26 2020 10:08 AM

    Aloha Everyone 

    What about make the courses we have in the Blitz (CTTH) available as 18 hole courses?

    I think that would be a great asset for the game since some work is already done to make it a Blitz course.

  • fobby1980 United States
    283 Posts
    Sun, Apr 26 2020 1:36 PM

    Pretty much everyone had suggested this; but there has been no answer from WGT