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Mon, Jul 15 2019 12:08 AM by AlexBorgesjr. 0 replies.
  • AlexBorgesjr United States
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    Mon, Jul 15 2019 12:08 AM

    We have cut all our none playing players , were looking for a club owner who has 10 15 active players and a lot of dead , leave the dead wood bring your CC players, the owner will become director of Player personal and in charge of his members and will have say in all members we have 3 Director spots open for members we will not go over 45 players unless there all active, that means the Min they can play in CC is 1 game a week Called a master from day one he has 7 days to post a score in the master. today with three days to go 19 out of 25 have played the master, were not new were almost eight years old, were laid back, anyone can make games except I mean create and promote a game, the master, we don't need you spending your money on passes unless you do anyway, were level 18, maybe 19 lol. imagine like the real tour you know all the players 21 players have been with us 5 to 7 years, join something special...............Remember WERE very competive this month a lone 3 different Major champs.

    Once you join, all we ask of you is to play our 9 hole Major, it’s held once a week and everyone should post a score, if want to go ahead it’s up to you


    Have fun good luck hit em strong


    The American Golf Academy