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Re: WGT Tournaments

Mon, Aug 12 2019 12:03 PM by jimshaw39. 12 replies.
  • TopShelf2010 United States
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    Thu, Aug 1 2019 9:20 AM


  • DoctorLarry United States
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    Thu, Aug 1 2019 1:03 PM


    New update:

    43 yard straight downwind (7-9 mph) DINGED, winds up 4 yards left (no roll) but pin-high..  Please explain.  It's a fix.

    You just don't like players researching and finding issues with your sacred game.  And I should buy expensive golf balls to improve my game?  What a joke.

    Wind is NEVER exactly what you think it is and it can vary some during the shot.  There is also variability in every shot.

    And no, I don't think expensive anything will improve your game.

  • jimshaw39 United States
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    Mon, Aug 12 2019 12:03 PM



    Seriously wgt.  Can't you tell how crappy your tournament setups are by the number of dropouts?

    Take a nice course and add a 30 mph wind that nobody really wants to play or will enjoy.

    You manage to screw up every weekly and monthly tournament by creating hurricane force winds.  What's the point?



    This is about the 100th thread you created to complain about the game.

    Quit or Shut Up