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Re: Super Passes and Clash Question

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Tue, Jul 2 2019 12:23 AM by craigswan. 15 replies.
  • craigswan United Kingdom
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    Sat, Jun 29 2019 3:16 PM

    Our problem is we have more superpasses than member's who want to play .

    Since they fixed the glitch no one is interested .

    And I can understand why .


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  • rjteeithi United States
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    Sat, Jun 29 2019 10:47 PM



    Can they be divided up throughout the 8 -10 clashes?

    And yes, there are 2 more at the beginning of each round, whether you used any in the prior round or not.

    Your owner determines who can use the SP's by designating categories of Directors, Veterans, Members, Recruits, or a combination of those.

    Clubs differ on their strategy for use, but most try to have more than 2 SP's per round available on Day 2 in order to help win over clubs who might have used their initial stash up on Day 1 and are down to only getting the 2/rd on Day 2.

    Unfortunately it doesn't work like that in our CC. By the time round 2 begins usually all we have left is the 2 free ones at the start of the round.

    I have seen us use all 19 in one clash against a CC that didn't even play,

    I have asked our players to use them sparingly so we can have enough in the later clashes but they still use all of ours in the first clash. Then we struggle the rest of the clash.

    I did say 19 that was not a typo. We won 3 extra in Turf wars. 

    Morning joe, I assume that you are referring to the clash, against us. We only had 3 more superpasses than your club had, the final score was 9442 to your 2072. 3 superpasses in no way adds up to that kind of score.But we had 37 members shoot against you, and a couple of them shot as many as 14 rounds. It didn't hurt that we were on the par 5 course either. Motivate your members, get them involved, and yes don't shoot all your supers in one event. We had 3 events, where we didn't use 1 super, due to enough members firing scores, and we averaged over 7000 plus points per clash. Good luck to u.

    Hey Lucky,

    yes you guys did drub us, two times in a row in fact. But Ive been away from WGT for nearly 3 years and have just started playing again, and also with a new to me, C Club. I really dont know how clashes even work, But Im on disability for a few months and have been playing my ass off.

    I think the clash vs you was like the 4th or 5th of the event and that was the first time I seen guys have more than two passes. Obviously, or should I say it was obvious, you guys had it going on as far as participation. I dont even know if my club like's to play clashes.

    After looking back in our forum at posts over a year ago, it seems like they left a bad taste in the clubs collective mouth.

    I would like to get something clear, earlier I think Alaskandame said that the owner could stretch the passes out over the event, is this true?

    Or do you have to rely on an honor system and tell your guys to not use them?

    I think it would be great if you could just program in 2 extra passes in over 10 clashes until you run out, but if relying on guys to just not use them? That aint gonna happen IMO


    thanks again,



  • AlaskanDame United States
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    Sat, Jun 29 2019 11:06 PM
    I would like to get something clear, earlier I think Alaskandame said that the owner could stretch the passes out over the event, is this true?
    Sorry about your disability, but welcome back to wgt.

    Yes, what I said is true. I am an owner. I actively manage use of super passes by turning on and off "permission" to use them, using "owners tools." Sometimes, only my Directors can use them; sometimes, my Directors and Veterans can use them. I turn them off completely (by un-checking all the boxes, i.e., Directors, Veterans, Members, Recruits) when the round's outcome is almost certain, either by us being way ahead or by the other club being way ahead.
  • Luckystar5 United States
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    Sun, Jun 30 2019 12:09 PM
    As an owner, I can tell you that managing superpasses, could be a challenge. Every club is different and handles their business in as many different ways, as there are clubs. You are with a very large club, that should have no problem scoring very high in clashs. You as a veteran of your club, unfortunately , cannot do much to solve your problem. Your owner is the only one who can set the parameters for superpass usage, and if your club used them all in the first event, then your owner just might not know how to manage this , or just doesn't care. Our board of directors, have set down criteria, that we use for the use of these passes, and our veterans follow our game plan, ( which can, and usually does vary in every event) or they cannot use the passes in future events. I'm very fortunate, maybe because we are a smaller club, in that my veterans are considerate, and don't abuse these privilages. As a side note, they have even declined using them, if they feel that they aren't shooting well enough to shoot high scores. Abusing superpass usage, is very disrespectful to the other club members, and quite frankly, will keep your club from placing very high on the leaderboard. Talk with your owner and try to come up with a better plan, or maybe consider finding a different club,if you wish to belong to a club that plays clashs well. Either way, good luck to you, I hope you find a solution that suits you, and your future in wgt.
  • craigswan United Kingdom
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    Mon, Jul 1 2019 12:21 AM

    "You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club."

  • craigswan United Kingdom
    15,741 Posts
    Tue, Jul 2 2019 12:23 AM

    A GRUMBLETONIAN is a person who is constantly grumbling about the state of WGT.

    All of us, then.