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Re: Aiming Marker issue Mobile Android?

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Sat, Jul 27 2019 2:16 AM by mimi0393. 2 replies.
  • mimi0393 Germany
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    Mon, Jun 17 2019 8:37 AM

    I have already lost several stroke plays because of the following problem:

    (Mobile on Android, Samsung A70)

    The problem occurs occasionally no matter what course.

    When the preset target line points straight to the pin aiming e.g. over a hazard I am unable to carry over I pull the aiming marker way left or right off the target line onto a fairway middle to prevent me from hitting into it.

    When doing the shot then (dead on ding spot and no, it's not the wind) the game takes the preset target line and I am out of competition...

    Does anyone else have had this experience yet?



  • mimi0393 Germany
    5 Posts
    Mon, Jun 17 2019 11:00 PM

    Yesterday again on Pebble Beach first hole.

    Drive was too long and ended between the bunkers into the rough.

    Pin position on the right of green.

    I was aiming to the very left side of the green but the game took the direct way to the pin again, into the green side bunker.

    It was the second time it occurred on this hole 

  • mimi0393 Germany
    5 Posts
    Sat, Jul 27 2019 2:16 AM

    I could report hundreds of situations.

    But today in Tie Breaker mode a long monster put again against Legend.

    Aiming way right, ding on spot, the game ist quick hooking the put?!

    I found out that it mostly happens when playing against Master tiers and or higher tiers in general, like the Tie Breaker iron shots come unexpectedly short or do wired things, there must be a "Master Bonus" setting or programming in the game.

    It's a waste of time spending...