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Th American Golf Academy

Wed, Jun 12 2019 9:34 PM by AlexBorgesjr. 0 replies.
  • AlexBorgesjr United States
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    Wed, Jun 12 2019 9:34 PM

     The American Golf Academy 

    Were looking for New recruits, we only carry 40-45 members over 20 members have been here over 5 years , were looking for 10 Masters up, who Like a laid back ,but who like to compete , you can recruit friends when there’s room, you can create events. Our club can carry 250 members. 

    If you are new or a Veteran to our club please friend the directors of the club. Well Help you anyway we can. 

    The club forum is information central. Most questions can be answered in the club forum. If you would like any more information please contact the club 



    We do not chase the golden putter but if you like to play help yourself. We would rather see our members use their credits on better equipment and improving their game. a


    If you like what you see and would like to join The American Golf Academy please send AlexBorgesjr friend request so we can meet.


    Once you join, all we ask of you is to play our 9 hole Major, it’s held once a week and everyone should post a score, as for passes we don’t require you to use them, if want to go ahead it’s up to you


    Have fun good luck hit em straight