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Re: Edgewood Tahoe Challage 7

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Mon, Oct 26 2009 2:30 AM by Joeyola. 3 replies.
  • Jinex Canada
    3 Posts
    Sun, Oct 25 2009 1:28 PM

    This sand shot is killing me says it's only 2-5% for the lay and54 yds I play a full PW (90 yds) and I land on the hill and run it overthe green if I paly a 9i I hit it fat any sugguestions?

  • Johniedino United States
    786 Posts
    Sun, Oct 25 2009 4:40 PM

    try a sand wedge or lob wedge both full


  • mefitz United States
    372 Posts
    Sun, Oct 25 2009 6:47 PM

       Try the search box to the right. You`ll find several very helpful threads on this specific hole. GL

  • Joeyola United States
    1,210 Posts
    Mon, Oct 26 2009 2:30 AM

    I use my 54W (85 yard rated) for that shot.  Try aiming a bit left, full back spin, 85 to 90 percent power and if that is not enough, check the wind.  You'd think that shot would go left of the hole and way over the green, but when I hit it right, the ball makes it to the right fringe and trickles onto the green.  The meter is faster with this club than with starter wedges so it is harder to hit the white line.  OK, is everybody still with me?  Now, just factor in location of the sun, the pull of the moon, the earths rotation and you'll get close every time (smile).

    I've been playing the CTTH contests quite a while now.  I think the best advice is to play as often as you can and get lots of practice...even take notes on each discipline.  Sooner or later you'll hit a decent shot on all 9 challenges, or get yourself into therapy.