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Clash of the continents or nations?

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Sun, Feb 10 2019 1:52 PM by samppa454. 0 replies.
  • samppa454 Finland
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    Sun, Feb 10 2019 1:52 PM

    Hi, I would like to to host a what I call clash of continents or nations starting sometime in the autumn 2019. Now this is an idea I have just come up with, so I have not decided the rules yet, other than there will be some qualification stage and a knockout stage to determine the winning team.

    The regions for clash of continents would consist of: Europe, Africa, Northern America, Central- and South America, Asia, Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, Fiji etc). Each of these regions would be allowed to have one or more teams, a little dependent on how much interest this idea gathers.

    My other idea would be to "revive" the Nations Cup that was arranged around 3-4 years ago (with perhaps a few new ideas), link to that here:

    The one of these ideas, which receives most votes by you all WGT members, is the one that will be chosen as the tournament format. Perhaps the winning team will be rewarded too with gifts?! No tier limitations or handicaps for neither of these tournaments.

    Please tell everyone you know here to come and vote. If this thread generates enough of interest and votes, I will host one of these tournaments. Also, if someone wants to help me hosting one of these tournaments, or to perhaps sponsor gifts for the winning team, feel free to volunteer.

    Kind regards,