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Re: people chipping.pitching,punching on greens

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Mon, Dec 2 2019 4:49 AM by andwhy67. 55 replies.
  • el3n1 United States
    2,739 Posts
    Thu, Nov 21 2019 10:01 AM

    it,s everyday players on the PGA Tour are scoring 48, 49 low 50,s lol

    I get what you are saying… but I bet every single elite player on WGT -- WISHES they could hit their beloved 3wd as well as Rory did on hole 18 recently.

    believe the shot starts at the 10:30 mark... just phenomenal shot... in one of the videos I watched, I think they mentioned it was 280 plus to carry the green and something like another 18 to the pin... that means he flushed his 3wd nearly 300y from the fairway and got it to land softly.

    imagine pros with the precision of dialing in irons and wedges to exact yardages... they already do that on the driving range but they just don't have a swing meter telling them 87% SW here is exactly what I need.

    Yes there are differences… but the pros still do things we couldn't dream of doing on the game or in real life 

  • BigBlockVettes United States
    203 Posts
    Thu, Nov 21 2019 12:16 PM

    No way play them A thousand times, you want do it. To many mistakes in the human swing, despite the term hitting the ball straight you can not hit A straight shot in golf. You have that one round out of thousands & thousands of rounds by many different players & one player will break 60. Sorry from A scratch golfer for many years it ain,t happening.

  • AchkataSS Bulgaria
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    Fri, Nov 22 2019 5:30 PM

    Dumb!!!!! Try to chip it from the green and WGT will punish you ! Try to chip is from the fringe and the shot would be ? Wgt engine is bad for using otyer clubs than putter from the green.I've played with ppl mastering the chips from the green,but they told me they use too much power(much more power than needed).Totally unreal .....fringe allows chipping ,but  chipping from the green means that you exceed the power....nonsense


  • Clint2222 United States
    3 Posts
    Fri, Nov 29 2019 5:26 PM

    I think this is a real stupid question. The same big babies asking this question are the same people that wear a hat that that helps them hit 20 yards further and who have a ball effect that gives them more yards. Last time I hit a ball effect with a real club it exploded on me. Get over it! If we want to play more like real get outside and get some sun! I feel chipping on the green is much more realistic than imaginary apparel that makes you play better. Boohoo!

  • madmax0073 United Kingdom
    734 Posts
    Sat, Nov 30 2019 1:38 AM

    well said

  • andwhy67 France
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    Mon, Dec 2 2019 4:49 AM

    And we all know how realistic this game is , it,s everyday players on the PGA Tour are scoring 48, 49 low 50,s lol

    WTF and where?