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Re: Adobe Flash

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Tue, Feb 12 2019 3:26 AM by TbagBrown. 12 replies.
  • BillyMayfair United States
    3,914 Posts
    Sat, Feb 9 2019 10:51 PM

    this was posted in another bug log thread here....

    it works.....

    Wayne (BillyMayfair)

  • goaliee United Kingdom
    823 Posts
    Sun, Feb 10 2019 3:55 PM


    same here , I was expecting the last release of firefox to fix the problem but it didn't.


    so I consult WGT on Edge where no such problem exists.


    still awaiting Firefox to fix the bug as I am not very found of Edge



    I've had this same issue appear yesterday and cannot do nothing down the left side so unable to play the game I run Edge so the problem does exist.


  • TbagBrown United Kingdom
    390 Posts
    Tue, Feb 12 2019 3:26 AM

    Well found Billy. I've had the same problem, followed your advice, now back playing again!


    Derek (Tbagbrown)