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Uneven Lies Video @ Pinehurst No2

Fri, Sep 28 2018 2:11 PM by MartyFlanagan. 0 replies.
  • MartyFlanagan Ireland
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    Fri, Sep 28 2018 2:11 PM

    BD - 2014 US Open Day 1 (18 Hole Uneven)

    Teeboxes/Hole yardages used by the USGA on the opening day at Pinehurst No2

    Good solid round of 62 , 8 under par, some poor decisions made during the round but happy in the end up

    Highlights below

    10ft birdy putt on the 2nd hole

    5 wood, PW to the 3rd hole to set up 6ft birdy 

    8ft par save on the 4th after a really bad approach shot

    20ft eagle on the 5th made a nice difference to the opening 5 holes

    9ft par save on the 7th was good to get

    To finish the front 9 i got a 7ft birdy

    I started off the back 9 with a 13ft birdy

    Then on the 14th i make another mid length putt for birdy (14ft)

    The tough 16th i end up with a par after a lovely chip from the front of the green

    I end the round with a 24ft birdy putt on the last

    Watch in HD for better viewing pleasure