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Re: Past time for a new course !!!

Mon, Oct 15 2018 1:07 AM by lacimbali16. 34 replies.
  • DAZZA501 United Kingdom
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    Wed, Oct 3 2018 1:52 PM
    Everyone is also assuming that unknown courses only measure 5-6000yds. There's plenty of courses out there over 7000yds.
  • maoriand1 Italy
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    Thu, Oct 4 2018 6:19 AM


    I sincerely promise we're working on that right now. 



    there are not possibilities to have oakmont 18h back?


  • Woodoworkery United States
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    Thu, Oct 4 2018 6:28 AM


    While Flash is no longer going to be supported in the future, it will not be gone, meaning people can still use flash, but there will not be any new updates for flash. 

    There are ongoing conversations about what the future of WGT looks like on a computer, and while I don't have anything definitive to share at this time, no part of that conversation is about shutting down the game in any capacity. WGT will outlive flash.

    Is there any talk of offering WGT as a  game on Steam?

  • TarheelsRule United States
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    Sun, Oct 14 2018 9:27 AM

    WGT Champion

    I appreciate your work and at least your responding to the forums, that seems to be something that comes and goes on WGT.

    My only real criticism to the courses that we have is that there is no reason that WGT didn't photograph at least 3 pin placements, I mean you were there and it would not have been much more effort, so learn that lesson on all new courses.

    I have been a member since 2009.  We were promised 2 courses a year, the US Open and the British Open course each year.  I understand that the deal with the British fell apart and in the case of the US Open, the courses repeat so, throw in a PGA or one of the TPC courses in it's stead.

    In terms of distance, my local course which is over 50 years old stretches to over 7,000 yards so it isn't difficult to find a course that stretches over 7,000 yards.  We don't have to have the best courses in the world, we just need new courses.

    Thanks for your hard work and the responses that you are making to the board.


  • lacimbali16 United Kingdom
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    Mon, Oct 15 2018 1:07 AM

    I couldn't agree with you more .