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Re: multiple players with Skytrak

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Sat, Apr 11 2020 5:01 AM by sammoslammo. 7 replies.
  • Nilsaugust Sweden
    1 Posts
    Thu, May 17 2018 6:59 AM

    Hi, do you have any thoughts on adding multiplayer when playing with Skytrak.

    I want to invite my buddies for beer and golf...

  • LordXeno United States
    17 Posts
    Thu, May 17 2018 8:16 AM

    It would be sweet to have a 4some with friends

  • abmotorman United States
    2 Posts
    Fri, Sep 7 2018 6:38 AM

    Looking to re-up my subscription myself. Not having local multiplayer is a major drawback. I wish they would respond with something regarding this need.

  • WGTChampion United States
    1,619 Posts
    Fri, Sep 7 2018 11:25 AM

    We recently added online multiplayer for SkyTrak, I hope we can add local multiplayer soon too! 


  • 2puttTBOA Canada
    8 Posts
    Sun, Sep 9 2018 3:36 PM

    When i try multiplayer with SkyTrak it stays in perpetual "searching for opponent" I have yet to play a round. Is this a bug or...

  • liparifr3825 United States
    2 Posts
    Mon, Feb 18 2019 8:47 AM

    Any update on local multiplayer?   Also same thing is when I try to play multiplayer on the network.  Won’t connect with anyone.  

  • Tomcat0404 Austria
    1 Posts
    Mon, Apr 6 2020 11:20 AM

    LocalMultiplayer is really urgent needed

  • sammoslammo United States
    1 Posts
    Sat, Apr 11 2020 5:01 AM

    I second this! And I get the perpetual ‘searching for opponent’ message too. After speaking to customer services I was told multiplayer (online and local) is unavailable on WGT skytrak. Confusing and I’ll even say, a bit misleading since the skytrak version of the app has a specific ‘multiplayer’ mode on the home screen. 

    Don’t think I’ll be renewing my subscription if there is no multiplayer mode, it sort of misses the point for me.