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Re: Pin Placement

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Tue, Oct 29 2019 6:30 PM by jayzach. 5 replies.
  • Sildate United States
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    Fri, Feb 16 2018 8:43 PM

    It would be nice if WGT could have different pin placements on the greens. We seem to play the same courses over and over with the same pin locations. Can they be changed?

  • HackWilson1930 United States
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    Sun, Feb 18 2018 5:22 AM

    Almost all of the WGT full 18 hole courses have some holes with two pin locations. Some of the secondary locations appear on rare occasions and others regularly. Number 1 on Bethpage switches quite often while hole numbers 8 and 10 far less often. Even Merion number 18 has two pin locations but the back left is seldom in pllay.

    It would be nice if all of the holes had two pin settings. But we must deal with what WGT has created. That said, it would be really nice if they used all of their alternates much more frequently.

  • Robert1893 United States
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    Sun, Feb 18 2018 6:31 AM


  • alosso Germany
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    Sun, Feb 18 2018 6:53 AM

    Rumour has it (in fact, the former CEO, Chad Nelson, said or wrote it) that each full course on WGT has at least a second set of hole locations.

    In the Olde Days, these were published one by one, between new courses. For a few years now (after Merion, 2014, IIRC), they have stopped to make them accessible. Still, if the above is true, they should be available!

  • Chrynch United States
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    Sun, Feb 18 2018 10:04 AM

    Secondary pin locations cost money. Some courses were never photographed for them and therefore don't have camera locations for additional pin locations. More pin locations seems like a great solution to playing the same courses over and over again. But the reality is that Top Golf who owns WGT will not invest the money to make it happen. End of Story. 

  • jayzach United States
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    Tue, Oct 29 2019 6:30 PM

    I dont mind the pins not moving, I just wish they would stick with USGA rules for  pin location.

    The USGA rule: Pin Specifications

    The hole's outer diameter must not exceed 4 1/4 inches, the depth is a minimum of 4 inches and the liner must sit 1 inch below the putting surface. As a general rule, the pin placement must be at least four to five paces from the edge of the green.

    I have hit with in 8 feet on CTTH and have gotten a 5 ft, penalty for being on the fringe. 4 paces should be about 12 feet. If a guy/gal has really short legs, then 9 feet at the VERY least