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Re: New WGT Calculator in Progress

Sat, Jul 20 2019 1:04 PM by DoctorLarry. 42 replies.
  • Miantiao Australia
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    Wed, Jul 17 2019 7:17 PM

    I use a starting formula according to the clubs and ball I use, then adjust by feel for elevation and individual hole nuances (whether or not the approach plays longer or shorter than it states,  whether or not elevation for a particular approach doesn't play to given elevation, and the amount of hang time the ball will remain in the air).

    Side wind also effects distance, particularly so in high wind conditions.

    Knowing your club/ball matrix in low wind conditions is the starting point and should form the basis for calc in higher wind conditions.

    There isn't a one formula fits all for wind conditions. A 3 iron plays differently to a 64 degree wedge.

    Mapping individual clubs (knowing what they're capable of doing in low wind conditions) is all important.  You can do this in ranked stroke round mode.

    Practice mode plays differently to ranked round mode for some reason.







  • Redmonod United States
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    Thu, Jul 18 2019 12:21 PM

    @kavvz: thanks for the links..I’ve certainly benefitted from people like Naturali who have been willing to share their experiences with everyone else. Absolutely, putting is important. I use a spreadsheet that combines 12 different estimates of hit% as well as estimating break from grid timings. It works pretty well in a majority of circumstances. I play on an IPad, so many of the aids available for the PC don’t help me.

    @Miantiao: I wasn’t aware that Practice mode and Ranked mode played differently. I wonder why that would be? I am sorry I ever tried out apparel, because it distorts results of shots with certain clubs, and I can’t find a way to make that go away for practice rounds.

    Shot mapping is important, but in my case only to verify and adjust the results of my spreadsheet calculations. I use physics formulas to simulate the ball flight, so things like wind and elevation are automatically included in those.

  • DoctorLarry United States
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    Sat, Jul 20 2019 1:04 PM

    Shot mapping is important, but in my case only to verify and adjust the results of my spreadsheet calculations.

    Well, sorta.

    It the shot mapping differs from your predictions, go with the mapping and then continue to adjust from game play.  As Miantiao noted, you will find differences between different courses and different holes as to how they actually play.  You will find that the ball flight will not necessarily follow the rules for wind and elevation everywhere on the courses as well!!  Some courses (ahem, St Andy, RSG, WC) have winds with a mind of their own!

    Miantiao is a much better player than I and I believe what he is saying is what I am learning and that is that you can use the calculators as a learning tool, but only that.  You will have to adjust for every hole and for different conditions as you play.  I am beginning to get some of that feel and it has saved me from my spreadsheet a few times already!!

    I will say I am much more confident about my putting calculations than my other calculations - except even they require that "feel" for the Champ 13-14 greens, especially downhill!!