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Re: Set of the week CC tourney's

Sun, Apr 7 2019 8:38 AM by goldeena. 10 replies.
  • goldeena Thailand
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    Sun, Apr 7 2019 8:38 AM



    I didn't realize - just for 5 credits too, and you get to play all those old clubs you soooooo regretted selling and fell out-of-love with the game a little bit because of.


    I am jumping for joy - really what a brilliant idea (for once), by WGT - I have split the purse between the top 10 finishers too so its even cheaper to participate than 5 credits (for most, if not all of the entrants).


    WGT This has basically resurrected my old equipment that got sold!!! - I now get the chance to play some dear old beloved clubs and some new ones and also - that Cally 80 yard wedge is going to get a serious look at during this 2 week event I put up - I don't like 4.5 spin on my cleverlands, so that's well worth having a look at too  :-) 


    What a brilliant new fortnightly event for our clash club - absolutely love it, oh joy all the old clubs I sold and more....all the reminiscing to come *sniffs*


    One of the best ideas you have ever had WGT but I wasn't even aware until I spotted it just now.